Balance of probabilities, I.C.2.3
~ and standard of proof, III.G.4.3
Balance of probabilities and standard of proof, III.G.4.3
Abusive conduct - evidence, III.G.4.3.5
Prior art documents - availability, III.G.4.3.3
Prior use - evidence, III.G.4.3.2
Binding effect of decision - remittal, IV.E.7.7
Department of first instance bound by decision of board of appeal, IV.E.7.7.2
Binding effect of requests, IV.E.3.1
Opponent as sole appellant and reformatio in peius, IV.E.3.1.f
Patentee as sole appellant and reformatio in peius, IV.E.3.1.e
Reformatio in peius and lack of cross-appeal in the EPC, IV.E.3.1.i
Biological material and availability to the public, I.C.1.9.7
Boards of appeal 
Board competent to hear a case, IV.E.2.3
Legal Board of Appeal competent, IV.E.2.3.1.c
Technical Board of Appeal competent, IV.E.2.3.1.b
~ of appeal - Administrative Council, III.H.4
~ of appeal - interpretation of the EPC, III.H.3.1
~ of appeal not formally bound by decisions of the Administrative Council, III.H.4
Bonus effect, I.D.10.8
Booked holidays - postponement of oral proceedings, III.C.4.1.3.b
Breaches of ordre public or morality, I.B.2
Morality, I.B.2.2.2.b
Ordre public, I.B.2.2.2.b
Broad claims, I.C.3.8, II.A.3.3
~ in chemical inventions, I.D.9.8.3
Clarity of claims, II.A.3.3
Content of the relevant prior art, I.C.3.8
Sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.1.4
Budapest Treaty - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.6.2.a
Burden of proof, I.C.2.1, III.G.5
Evidence, III.G.5
Proof, I.C.2.1
Shifting of the ~, III.G.5.2
Business assets and transfer of party status, IV.C.2.2.3
Business engagements - postponement of oral proceedings, III.C.4.1.3.d

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