Date of 
~ compliance - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.1
~ decision, III.K.3
Entry into force of decisions, III.K.3.1
Internal decision-making process, III.K.3.2
~ filing, IV.A.5
Change of ~, IV.A.5.6
Corrections under Rule 139 EPC, IV.A.5.5
Identity of applicant, IV.A.5.2
Legal effect of accordance of a ~, IV.A.5.3
Missing parts of the description or drawings - ~, IV.A.5.4
~ payment, III.Q.3
Debit orders - fees, III.Q.2.2
Decision on costs inadmissible, IV.C.7.3.4
Decision taken as the file stands, IV.E.6.1.1
Decision to grant a European patent - entry into force, IV.B.3.10
~ according to the state of the file, III.K.4.3
~ of EPO departments, III.K
Date of decision, III.K.3
Examining division - composition, III.K.2.1
Exercise of discretion - decisions of the EPO departments, III.K.5
Form of decisions, III.K.4
Notification of loss of rights - right to a decision, III.K.1
Opposition division - composition, III.K.2.2
~ of the opposition division, IV.D.7
Interlocutory decisions in opposition procedure, IV.D.7.2
Revocation of a European patent by way of a decision, IV.D.7.1
~ with no text submitted or agreed by the applicant, IV.B.3.2.3
Deemed withdrawal 
~.designation of states, IV.A.7.2.1
~ of application, IV.A.9
~ of patent application, IV.E.6.4
Defective disclosure - inventive step, I.D.3.4.4
Deficiencies in a disclosure, I.C.3.9
Deficiencies in computerised systems - re-establishment of rights, III.E.4.4.6
Definition of 
~ common general knowledge, I.C.1.6.1
~ the public, I.C.1.9.6
~ the skilled person, I.D.8.1
Group of people as skilled person, I.D.8.1.2
Skilled person in biotechnology, I.D.8.1.3
Skilled person in the case of computer-implemented inventions, I.D.8.1.4
~ the term plant varieties, I.B.3.1.1
~ the term therapy, I.B.4.4.1
~ "time limit" in re-establishment of rights, III.E.2.1
Department of first instance - suspected partiality, III.J.8.3
Department of first instance bound by decision of board of appeal, IV.E.7.7.2
Dependent claims, IV.E.4.4.8
Sub-claims, IV.D.4.4.1
Unity of invention, II.B.2.2
Deposit number - late submission, II.C.6.6.2.b
Deposit of living material, II.C.6.6
Budapest Treaty - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.6.2.a
Deposit number - late submission, II.C.6.6.2.b
Description - amended claims, II.A.5.3
Description and drawings to interpret claims, II.A.6.3
Interpretation of ambiguous terms, II.A.6.3.3
Relevance of Article 69 EPC - interpretation, II.A.6.3.2
Scope of protection - infringement, II.A.6.3.6
Designation of 
~ contracting states in divisional applications, II.F.3.2
~ contracting states, IV.A.7
Correction of ~, IV.A.7.3
Deemed withdrawal, IV.A.7.2.1
~ and re-establishment of rights, III.E.2.1.2
~ in divisional applications, IV.A.7.2.2
Non-payment of the designation fee, IV.A.7.2
~ the inventor, IV.A.6.2
Devolutive effect of the appeal, IV.E.1.2
Diagnostic methods, I.B.4.2, I.B.4.5
Clarity of a claim relating to ~, I.B.4.5.1.d
Practitioner, I.B.4.2.2
Practitioner and ~, I.B.4.5.1.b
Different priorities for different parts of a European patent application, II.D.4.2
Disadvantageous modifications and inventive step, I.D.9.18.1
~ Board of Appeal, V
Appeals against decisions of the ~, V.5
Code of Professional Conduct, V.4
European qualifying examination, V.2
~ matters, V.3
Disciplinary measures, V.3.1
Amendments, II.E.1.4
Claims, II.A.4
Inventive step, I.D.9.14
Priority, II.D.2.1.2
Surgical methods, I.B.4.3.5.b
Disclosure in drawings - amendments, II.E.1.5
Discoveries, I.A.2.2, I.A.2.2.1
Mathematical methods, I.A.2.2.2
Scientific theories, I.A.2.2.1
Discretion of the examining division, IV.B.2.5.1
Discretion to admit amended claims, IV.E.4.4.5
Distinguishing features, I.C.4.2
Functional features, I.C.4.2.5
Generic disclosure, I.C.4.2.6
Parameters, I.C.4.2.3
Product claim with process features, I.C.4.2.7
Technical and non-technical features, I.C.4.2.8
Values, I.C.4.2.2
Divisional applications, II.F
Correction of errors in ~, II.F.3.3
Designation of contracting states in ~, II.F.3.2, IV.A.7.2.2
Double patenting, II.F.4
Filing date attributed to ~, II.F.2.2
Filing ~, II.F.2
Independence of ~, II.F.3.1
Pendency of earlier application, II.F.2.4
Re-establishment of rights, III.E.2.1.1
Right to file ~, II.F.2.1
Sequence of ~, II.F.1.1.2
Subject-matter, II.F.1
Documentary evidence, III.G.4.2.2.d
Double patenting, II.F.4
Draft decisions, III.K.4.5.3.e
Drawings and novelty, I.C.3.6
Due care 
~ and re-establishment of rights, III.E.4.2, III.E.4.5
Due care in dealing with assistants, III.E.4.5.4
Due care in using mail delivery services, III.E.4.5.5
Due care on the part of a non-authorised representative, III.E.4.5.3
Due care on the part of the applicant, III.E.4.5.1
~ on the part of the professional representative, III.E.4.5.2
Erroneous interpretation of EPC, III.E.4.5.2.c

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