Facts under examination with regard to Article 114 EPC in appeal procedure, IV.E.3.4
~ from the description not searched, IV.B.5.4.3
~ missing with respect to the earlier application - priority, II.D.2.2.2
~ not contributing to the solution of the problem - inventive step, I.D.9.5
~ payments - legitimate expectations, III.A.3.2.2
~ reduction, III.F.5
Appeal and language privilege, III.F.5.4
European patent application and language privilege, III.F.5.1
Opposition and language privilege, III.F.5.3
Request for examination and language privilege, III.F.5.2
Translations and language privilege, III.F.5.6
~s, III.Q
Allowability of the appeal - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.2
Appeal deemed not have been filed - non-payment of appeal ~, IV.E.8.1.2.a
Appeal inadmissible - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.1.2.c
Appeal withdrawn - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.1.5
Claims ~, II.A.8, IV.B.3.3.4
Competence to decide on reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.4.2
Date of payment, III.Q.3
Debit orders, III.Q.2.2
Error of judgment - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.5
~ for intervention, IV.C.3.1.6
Further search ~ - non-payment, II.B.6.1
Inadequate reasons in decision at first instance - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.4
Intervention in opposition appeal proceedings - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.1.6
Legitimate expectations and reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.5.3
Methods of payment of ~, III.Q.2.1
Non-payment of claims ~, IV.B.3.7.2
Number of claims, II.A.8.1
Oral proceedings - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.2
Partial refund of the examination fee, III.Q.6
Partiality - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.6.g
Payment of appeal ~, IV.E.2.5.4
Payment of ~, III.Q.2
Payments - small amounts lacking, III.Q.4
Plurality of inventions and further search ~, II.B.6
Reduction of the examination fee, III.Q.5
Refund of claims ~, II.A.8.2
Refund of further search ~, II.B.3.3.2
Reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.2.9.2, IV.E.8
Reimbursement of appeal ~ in case of interlocutory revision, IV.E.8.4
Reimbursement of appeal ~ in case of request for re-establishment, IV.E.8.1.4
Reimbursement of appeal ~ must be equitable, IV.E.8.5
Right to be heard - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.3
Several appellants - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.1.7
Suspensive effect of appeal - reimbursement of appeal ~, IV.E.8.3.6.h
~ divisional applications, II.F.2
Filing date, II.F.2.2
Pendency of earlier application, II.F.2.4
Right to file, II.F.2.1
~ of application, IV.A.3
~ of the authorisation - representatives, III.R.4.1
Financial difficulties and re-establishment of rights, III.E.3.2.2
First application - priority, II.D.3
Identity of applicant, II.D.3.2
Identity of invention, II.D.3.1
First medical use, I.C.6.1
Product claim and novelty of use, I.C.6.1.2
Form of 
~ appeal, IV.E.2.5
Appeal filed within the time limit, IV.E.2.5.3
Electronic filing of appeal, IV.E.2.5.1
Notice of appeal, IV.E.2.5.2
Payment of appeal fees, IV.E.2.5.4
~ claims, II.A.2, II.A.2.1
Conciseness of claims, II.A.2.3
Independent claims per category, II.A.2.2
Number of claims, II.A.2.3
One-part or two-part claims, II.A.2.1.1
Two-part claims, II.A.2.1.2
~ decisions, III.K.4
Decisions according to the state of the file, III.K.4.3
Reasons for the decision of EPO departments, III.K.4.2
Right to have comments considered, III.K.4.4
Signatures on decisions, III.K.4.5
Formal requirements of patent application, IV.A.6
Designation of the inventor, IV.A.6.2
Formalities and conditions - European qualifying examination, V.2.1
Formalities officers, III.K.1.3
Formulation of claims and industrial application, I.E.2.3
Formulation of the technical problem, I.D.4.3, I.D.9.1.5
Partial problems - inventive step, I.D.4.3.3
~ ground for opposition in appeal proceedings - observations by third parties, III.N.3.3
~ ground for opposition in opposition proceedings - observations by third parties, III.N.3.2
~ grounds for opposition, IV.D.5.3
Opposition procedure - fresh facts and evidence, IV.D.5.3.5
Functional features, I.C.4.2.5
Claims, II.A.3.4
Fundamental procedural defect - petition for review, IV.E.9.2.10
Fundamental violation of Article 113 EPC - petition for review, IV.E.9.2.9
~ communication in examination procedure, IV.B.2.7
~ oral proceedings before the same department, III.C.2.4
~ processing, III.D.2
~ search fees - non-payment, II.B.6.1
Future costs, IV.C.7.3.3.a

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