General authorisations - representatives, III.R.4.2
Generalisation of a feature - amendments, II.E.2.2
Generic disclosure, I.C.4.2.6
Priority, II.D.2.1.9
Grant stage, IV.B.3
Abandonment of subject-matter in examination procedure, IV.B.3.7
Amendments after approval of the text for grant, IV.B.3.4
Amendments after the decision to grant, IV.B.3.6
Amendments filed in response to communication under Rule 71(3) EPC, IV.B.3.3
Approval of the text by the applicant, IV.B.3.2
Entry into force - decision to grant a European patent, IV.B.3.10
Errors in the Patent Bulletin, IV.B.3.11
Examination after remittal for further prosecution, IV.B.3.5
Refusal of a European patent application, IV.B.3.9
Withdrawal of amendments in examination procedure, IV.B.3.7
Withdrawal of patent application, IV.B.3.8
Grounds for opposition, IV.D.3.3.1
Fresh ~, IV.D.5.3
Scope of examination of the ~, IV.D.5.2.2
Grounds or evidence under Article 113(1) EPC - right to be heard, III.B.1.2
Group of people as skilled person, I.D.8.1.2
Guidelines for Examination, III.S
Legitimate expectations, III.A.2.6

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