Lack of unity of invention, II.B.4
Technical problem, II.B.4.1
~ and observations by third parties, III.N.1.1
~ of the proceedings, III.F.3, III.F.4
EPO as designated or elected Office, VI.B.3
~ privilege, III.F.5
Appeal, III.F.5.4
European patent application, III.F.5.1
Opposition, III.F.5.3
Request for examination, III.F.5.2
Translations, III.F.5.6
~ regime, III.F
Fee reduction, III.F.5
Language of application documents, III.F.2
Language of filing of a European patent application, III.F.1
Lapse of the patent, IV.C.6
Continuation of the opposition proceedings after surrender or ~, IV.C.6.2
Opposition after surrender or ~, IV.C.6.5
Surrender of the patent, IV.C.6.1
~ filed facts and evidence in opposition proceedings, IV.C.1.3
New arguments in opposition proceedings, IV.C.1.3.4
Opposition divisions' exercise of discretion, IV.C.1.3.3
~ filed facts, arguments and evidence in appeal proceedings, IV.C.1.4
Abuse of procedure, IV.C.1.4.6.a
Adjournment of oral proceedings, IV.C.1.4.2
Change of representative, IV.C.1.4.6.e
Late submission of experimental data, IV.C.1.4.6.c
Late submission of prior use, IV.C.1.4.6.d
New arguments on appeal, IV.C.1.4.4
Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal, IV.C.1.4.1
~ submission, IV.C.1
Complexity of new subject matter, IV.C.1.4.1.b
Deposit number, II.C.6.6.2.b
Examination as to relevance, IV.C.1.2
Exercise of discretion of the boards of appeal, IV.C.1.4.1.a
~ of experimental data, IV.C.1.4.6.c
~ of new facts and evidence during oral proceedings, III.C.4.4
~ of prior use, IV.C.1.4.6.d
~ of requests - equity of a different apportionment of costs, IV.C.7.2.1
Opposition divisions' exercise of discretion, IV.C.1.3.3
Procedural economy, IV.C.1.4.1.c
Lectures and availability to the public, I.C.1.9.5
~ Board of Appeal competent, IV.E.2.3.1.c
~ character of appeal procedure, IV.E.1
Devolutive effect of the appeal, IV.E.1.2
Suspensive effect of the appeal, IV.E.1.1
~ character of opposition proceedings, IV.D.1
Contentious inter partes proceedings, IV.D.1.2
~ effect of accordance of a date of filing, IV.A.5.3
~ framework of the opposition, IV.D.5.2
Extent of opposition, IV.D.5.2.1
Scope of examination of the grounds for opposition, IV.D.5.2.2
~ practitioners, III.R.2
Register of ~, III.R.2.2
~ status - Ordinances on the extension of European patents, VII.3.2
~ status - observation by third parties, III.N.2
~ status of intervener, IV.C.3.2
~ status of the boards of appeal, VII.1
Court of Justice of the European Union, VII.1.4
High Court of Justice, VII.1.2
TRIPs, VII.1.1
~ expectation and case law deviating from the practice, III.A.5
~ expectations - administrative notice with no legal consequences, III.A.1.2.5
~ expectations - electronic filing of documents, III.A.3.2.3
~ expectations - fee payments, III.A.3.2.2
~ expectations - obligation to enquire in case of unclear nature of request, III.A.4
~ expectations - party's own responsibility, III.A.1.2.4, III.A.3.3.1
~ expectations and reimbursement of appeal fee, IV.E.8.5.3
~ expectations relating to information provided by EPO, III.A.2
Contradictory acts, III.A.2.3
Correction of decision already issued, III.A.2.5
Courtesy service, III.A.2.2
Guidelines for examination, III.A.2.6
Information provided by telephone, III.A.2.4
Limitation, IV.C.5
Limits of legitimate expectations, III.A.1.2
Administrative notice with no legal consequences, III.A.1.2.5
Party's own responsibility, III.A.1.2.4
List of professional representatives, III.R.1.1
Location of oral proceedings, III.C.4.5
Loss of rights and re-establishment of rights, III.E.2.4

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