Maintenance of the European patent as amended, IV.D.7.2.2
Making available for test purposes and availability to the public, I.C.1.9.8.e
Market competitors, I.D.10.6
Marking the answer papers - European qualifying examination, V.2.3
Markush claims, II.B.5.3
Mathematical methods, I.A.2.2, I.A.2.2.2
Discoveries, I.A.2.2.1
Scientific theories, I.A.2.2.1
Meaning of terms in claims, II.A.6.2
Medical methods, I.B.4
Diagnostic methods, I.B.4.2, I.B.4.5
Surgical methods, I.B.4.2, I.B.4.3
Therapeutic methods, I.B.4.2, I.B.4.4
Medical use - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.2
~ carried out on a physical entity, I.A.1.4.5
~ for doing business, I.A.2.5.1
~ for performing mental acts, I.A.2.5.2
~ involving technical means, I.A.1.4.4
~ of payment of fees, III.Q.2.1
~ performed by a computer, I.A.2.4.3.e
Microbiological processes - exceptions to patentability, I.B.3.4
Minutes of oral proceedings, III.C.4.8
Correction, III.C.4.8.3
Missing parts of the description or drawings - date of filing, IV.A.5.4
Morality, I.B.2, I.B.2.2.2.b
Breaches of ordre public, I.B.2
Ordre public, I.B.2.2.2.b
~ opponents - joint opposition, IV.D.2.1.6
~ priorities, II.D.1.6
~ priorities for one claim, II.D.4.3

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