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Case Law of the Boards of Appeal

Unavailability of party at oral proceedings, III.C.4.1.3
Absence of duly represented party, III.C.4.1.3.h
Booked holidays, III.C.4.1.3.b
Business engagements, III.C.4.1.3.d
Conference, III.C.4.1.3.c
Illness, III.C.4.1.3.a
National holiday, III.C.4.1.3.e
Representative, III.C.4.1.3.f
Undue burden - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.4
Unfettered consideration of evidence, III.G.4.1
Uniform application of the law - Enlarged Board of Appeal, IV.E.9.1.1
Unity of invention, II.B
Amendments without affecting ~, IV.B.5.4.1
Dependent claims, II.B.2.2
Examination proceedings, II.B.3.3
Independent claims, II.B.2.1
Intermediate products, II.B.2.3
International Searching Authority, II.B.3.2
Lack of ~, II.B.4
Opposition proceedings, II.B.3.4
Plurality of inventions and further search fees, II.B.6
Single general inventive concept, II.B.5
Technical problem, II.B.4.1
Unsearched subject-matter, II.B.6.2
Universal succession and transfer of party status, IV.C.2.2.2
Unsearched subject-matter - unity of invention, II.B.6.2
Unspecified features - claims, II.A.3.6
Utility models and availability to the public, I.C.1.9.2