Withdrawal of 
~ amendments in examination procedure, IV.B.3.7
Non-payment of claims fees, IV.B.3.7.2
~ opposition, IV.C.4
~ during appeal proceedings, IV.C.4.1.2
~ during opposition proceedings, IV.C.4.1.1
~ patent application, IV.B.3.8
Correction of the ~, IV.B.3.8.2
Deemed ~, IV.E.6.4
~ request for oral proceedings, III.C.2.3
~ the appeal, IV.E.6.3, IV.E.6.3.6
Withdrawal of appeal after filing of intervention, IV.E.6.3.4
Witness testimonies as proof of evidence, III.G.2.2
Wording of request for oral proceedings, III.C.2.2

Word-processing, I.A.2.5.3

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