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Case Law of the Boards of Appeal

1. Spheres of risk

In T 1535/10, the board held that responsibility for obstacles to and delays in the receipt of decisions to be notified under R. 126(1) EPC had to be assigned according to spheres of risk. The Office was liable for both the risks arising in its own sphere and "transport risks". However, it distinguished such risks from those within the recipient's sphere of organisation and influence, e.g. the risk that employees or other authorised recipients failed to forward a letter delivered to the business address, or delayed in doing so. For a presumption that a letter had entered the recipient's sphere of organisation and influence, it sufficed that it had been delivered to his address and that he was in a position to take note of it, irrespective of whether he had actually taken (final) possession of it and noted its content (see also T 580/06).