2.2.2 Decisions

Whether a document constitutes a 'decision' or not depends on the substance of its content and not on its form (J 8/81, OJ 1982, 10; see also J 26/87, OJ 1989, 329; J 13/92, T 263/00 and T 713/02, OJ 2006, 267). It is, therefore, not relevant that the text in question is in the form of a mere letter, nor does it matter if it states "… it is decided" to allow the request. Nor is the fact decisive that the Notice of the Vice-President DG2 dated 28.4.99 uses the wording "Decisions concerning the correction of errors ..." (T 713/02, OJ 2006, 267). A "decision" needs to involve a reasoned choice between legally viable alternatives (T 934/91, OJ 1994, 184).

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