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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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facts and evidence


not submitted in due time A 114(2); R 71a


features of the invention R 29(1), R 30(1)


Federal Republic of Germany


application of the law of the ~ to the non-contractual liability of the EPOrg A 9(2)


jurisdiction of the courts A 9(4); ProRecog 6




as provided for in the EPC RFees 1(a), RFees 2


as provided for in the Implementing Regulations RFees 1(a), RFees 2


due date RFees 4


laid down by the President of the Office RFees 3


level of ~ A 40(1)


non-payment A 122(2); R 102(1), R 108, R 110(4)


payment of ~ RFees 5


period of grace for payment of ~ R 85a, R 108(3)


pursuant to the PCT RFees 1(b)


reduction of ~ R 6(3), R 107(2); RFees 12


refund A 126(2); R 46(2), R 112; RFees 10a-10d


figures R 32(2)(f),(h)




communication of information contained in the ~ R 95


keeping of ~ R 95a




entitlement to file a Eur. pat. appl. A 58


equivalence of European ~ with national ~ A 66


first ~ A 87(4),(5)


~ giving rise to a right of priority A 87


previous ~ R 38


filing fee R 6(3); RFees 2(1), RFees 12


EPOff as a designated or elected Office R 106(a)


Eur. pat. appl. A 78(2)


European divisional application A 76(3); R 25(2)


new Eur. pat. appl. A 61(3); R 15(2)


payment A 90(1)(b), A 90(3)


period of grace R 85a(1)


refund A 77(5)


surcharge on the ~ RFees 2(3b)


filing of the Eur. pat. appl. A 75; R 24-25


documents filed subsequently R 36


general provisions R 24


means of communication R 24(1)


new filing R 15


Final provisions A 164-178


financial contributions


special ~ of the Contracting States A 37(c), A 40, A 47(4), A 50(b),(d),(e), A 146, A 176(1)


financial obligations


termination A 126


Financial provisions A 37-51


Financial Regulations A 33(2)(a), A 50


fixing of costs see costs


flow sheets R 32(3)


food products


protection for ~ A 167(2)(a)




aliens' registration formalities ProPrIm 12(1)(e), ProPrIm 14(d)


formalities examination see examination as to formal requirements


forwarding of Eur. pat. appl. A 77 see transmittal


further processing of the Eur. pat. appl. A 121; RFees 2(12)