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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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immunities/privileges A 8; ProPrIm 1-25


Implementing Regulations A 164


amendment by the Administrative Council A 33(1)(b)


inadmissible extension A 123(2)


income of the EPOrg A 37-42, A 49(1),(2), A 146


taxes ProPrIm 4(1)


independent claims see claims


industrial application A 52(1), A 57, A 97(1), A 100(a), A 138(1)(a); R 27(1)(f)


information A 127-132; R 92-96


exchanges of ~ A 130


presentation of ~ A 52(2)(d)


- see public, official authorities




~ action A 25


of a Eur. pat. A 64(3)


technical opinion for a national court trying an infringement action A 25


insignificant amounts


refund RFees 10c


inspection of files A 128


by the Contracting States R 98


exclusion from ~ R 93


for courts and authorities of Contracting States A 131(1)


procedures for the ~ R 94


Institute of Professional Representatives A 134(8)(b),(c)


international application A 150ff


acts performed before the EPOff R 107(1)


deemed withdrawn A 157(2)(b); R 108(1)


filing A 151, A 152; R 104


joint designation of a group of Contracting States A 149(2)


language A 158(2); R 104(1)


publication A 158(1),(3)


supply A 158


translation A 158(2); R 107(1)(a), R 108; RFees 2(3c)


transmittal A 152; R 104(3)


transmittal fee A 152(3); RFees 2(18)


treatment by central industrial property offices ProCen III


inter-governmental organisations A 7, A 30(1),(2), A 130(2),(3)


international arbitration tribunal see tribunal


international co-operation


Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) A 150-158


International Court of Justice A 173(2); ProPrIm 24(3)


international exhibitions see exhibitions


international filing see international application


International Labour Organisation


competence of the Administrative Tribunal of the ~ A 13


International Patent Classification R 8, R 9(1), R 44(6)


International Patent Institute ProCen I(1)(a),(b)


international preliminary examination A 155; R 105, R 107(2); ProCen III, ProCen IV(1)(e); RFees 2(19), RFees 10d


renunciation by the central industrial property offices in favour of the EPOff ProCen II


international search report A 157


International Searching Authority


EPOff as ~ A 154; R 105; ProCen III


renunciation of activities as ~ in favour of the EPOff ProCen I(2)


interruption in the delivery of mail R 85


interruption of proceedings R 90, R 92(1)(t)




description A 78(1)(b); R 27


disclosure A 83; R 28


exceptions to patentability A 53


industrial application A 57


inventive step A 56


non-prejudicial disclosure A 55


novelty A 54


of an employee A 60(1); ProRecog 4


patentable ~ A 52


technical features R 29(1), R 30(1)


title R 26(2)(b)


unity A 82, A 154(3), A 155(3); R 29(2), R 30, R 46, R 105, R 112


inventive step A 52(1), A 56




cancellation of the designation of the ~ R 19(3)


designation A 81, A 91(1)(f),(3),(5); R 17, R 93(c)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(g)


form R 17(1), R 26(2)(k)


~ is an employee A 60(1); ProRecog 4


mention of the ~ A 58ff


multiple inventors A 60(2); R 17(1)


parts of the file not for inspection R 93(c)


period A 91(5); R 42, R 111(1)


publication of the mention of the ~ R 18


rectification of the designation of the ~ R 19


renunciation of the title as ~ R 18(1)


right of the ~ to be mentioned A 62


right to a Eur. pat. A 60(1)


time limit for the subsequent identification of the ~ R 42


inventor's certificate


priority A 87(1)




to the parties in appeal proceedings A 110(2),(3), A 124; R 71a(2)


to the parties in grant proceedings A 96, A 124; R 41(1), R 43(2), R 51, R 101(2), R 105(3), R 111


to the parties in opposition proceedings A 101(2); R 56(2), R 57(1),(3), R 58(2),(4),(5), R 59




notification R 82