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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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receipts A 38, see income and revenue


receiving Office


EPOff as a ~ within the meaning of the PCT A 151, A 152; R 104


Receiving Section


appeal lying from decisions of the ~ A 21(2), A 106(1), A 111(2)


as a department charged with the procedure A 15(a)


competence A 16; R 9(2)


examination as to formal requirements A 91


examination on filing A 90(1),(2); R 39-43


organisation R 12(2)




of decisions given in the Contracting States ProRecog 9-10


of judgments ProRecog 9-11


recovery procedures


waiving of enforced ~ R 91


rectification R 19 see corrections


re-establishment of rights see restitutio in integrum


refund A 77(5); R 31(2), R 46(2), R 67, R 105(3), R 112; RFees 9, RFees 10, RFees 10a-10d


special financial contributions A 40(6),(7), A 176(1)




~ of a Eur. pat. appl. A 97, A 111(1), A 121; R 51(6), R 92(1)(n), R 97(1)


Register of European Patents A 127, A 129(a); R 92


correction/cancellation of the mention of the inventor R 19(2),(3)


entries A 20(1)


extracts R 92(3)


languages A 14(9)


rectification of the designation of an inventor R 19


registering licences and other rights R 21, R 22


registering transfers R 20(1), R 61


registered letter R 78


reimbursement for witnesses and experts R 74(2),(3)


renewal fees A 86, A 141; RFees 2(4)


due date R 37


EPOff as designated or elected Office pursuant to the PCT R 107(1)(g)


non-payment A 122(2)


payment A 61(3), A 76(3), A 97(2)(c); R 51(9)


payments by the Contracting States A 37(b), A 39, A 40(1), A 47(3), A 50(b),(d), A 147, A 176(2)


representation A 133-134, A 163; R 26(3), R 81(3), R 100-102


general principles A 133


~ before special departments A 144


representatives A 134


amendment of the list of professional ~ R 102


appointment of ~ A 91(1),(3), A 133(2); R 100


authorisations R 101


common ~ R 26(3), R 100


conditions A 134


designation of the ~ in the request for grant R 26(2)(d)


disciplinary power A 134(8)(c)


during a transitional period A 163


entries in the Register of European Patents A 20(1); R 92(1)(h)


European qualifying examination A 134(2)(c), A 134(8)(a)


Institute of Professional Representatives A 134(8)(b)


legal practitioners as ~ A 134(7)


list of professional ~ A 20(1), A 134(1)-(3), A 163(1),(2),(6),(7); R 102


notification to ~ R 81


opposition proceedings R 60


request see application documents


request for conversion A 135, A 136, A 162(4)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(v)


- see conversion


request for examination A 94


entry in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(m)


period of grace R 85b, R 108(3)


time limits A 95, A 150(2); R 13(5), R 90(4), R 107(1)(f)


request for grant of a Eur. pat. A 78(1)(a), A 79(1); R 17(1), R 26


examination as to formal requirements A 91(1)(d)


form R 35


reservations A 167, A 178(2)(c)




entry, stay and departure of the employees of the EPOff ProPrIm 11


residence or principal place of business A 14(2), A 133(2),(3); R 26(2)(c), R 55(a), R 92(1)(f)




own ~ of the EPOrg A 37(a), A 38, A 44


restitutio in integrum A 122


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(u)


fee RFees 2(13)


revenue of the EPOff A 37(d), A 40(1), A 49(1),(2)


revocation of a Eur. pat. A 102; R 90(3)(a)


effect A 68


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(r)


grounds for ~ A 138


right of priority see priority right


right to a Eur. pat. A 60




conferred by a Eur. pat. A 64


conferred by a Eur. pat. appl. after publication A 67; R 28(3)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(w)


in rem R 21, R 92(1)(w)


loss of ~ A 122(6); R 69


of the same date A 139(3)


preservation of acquired ~ if a Contracting State ceases to be party to the EPC A 175


prior right A 139(1),(2)


~ of earlier date A 139(1),(2)


transfer and constitution A 71, A 148(2)


Rules relating to Fees A 51; RFees 1


adoption and amendment A 33(2)(d)


copy RFees 13


entry into force RFees 14


notification RFees 13


weighting of votes A 36