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European Patent Convention (EPC 1973)

A revised version of the European Patent Convention entered into force on 13 December 2007. The provisions of the revised Convention apply unless the transitional provisions provide for the applicability of the EPC 1973.

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war A 63(2)(a)


weighting of votes A 36; ProCen VIII




limitation of the option to withdraw the Eur. Pat. appl. R 14




hearing before courts A 117(3)-(6), A 131(2); R 72(3), R 99


hearing before the EPOff A 117(1)(d); R 2(3)-(6), R 72, R 74(2)-(4), R 76


World Intellectual Property Organization


agreements with the EPOrg A 151(3), A 154(1),(2), A 155(1),(2)


attendance as observer at meetings of the Administrative Council A 30(1)


written proceedings R 1(1)