observations by third parties A 115; R 114
Official Journal of the EPO A 129(b)
languages A 14(7)
publication in the ~ A 97(3); R 33, R 152
official language 
is not the language of the proceedings A 67(3)
of a Contracting State that is not an official language of the EPO PCen III
official languages 
of the EPO A 14(1)
of the Contracting States A 14(4)
- see language of the proceedings, language(s), translation 
opinion see technical opinion
death or legal incapacity of an ~ R 84(2)
opposition A 99
deficiencies in the notice of ~ R 77(1),(2)
entries in the Register of European Patents R 143(1)(q),(r)
examination A 101; R 79-82
grounds for ~ A 100
lapse of the patent R 75
notice of ~ R 76
notice of intervention of the assumed infringer R 89
publication of the time limit for opposing the EP R 73
procedure where the proprietor of the patent is not entitled R 78
rejection of the notice of ~ as inadmissible R 77
several oppositions R 79(2)
surrender of the patent R 75
time limit for filing notice of ~ A 99(1)
Opposition Divisions A 19, A 101
allocation of duties R 11(1)
appeal lying from decisions of the ~ A 21(4), A 106(1),(2)
as departments charged with the procedure A 15(d)
composition A 19(2)
organisation R 9(1)
responsibilities A 19(1), A 104(1); R 11
opposition procedure A 99-105; R 75-89
opposition proceedings 
communications R 77(2),(3), R 79, R 81, R 82, R 113
continuation of the ~ by the EPO of its own motion R 84
documents R 86
interruption R 142
intervention in ~ A 105(1); R 79(4), R 89
limitation proceedings A 105a(2)
new specification of the European patent R 87
oral proceedings A 116(1),(4)
parties A 99(3)
proceedings against the proprietor during ~ R 78
representatives in ~ R 84
requests for documents R 83
revocation proceedings A 105a
oral proceedings A 116
costs A 104(1)
evidence R 115-124
language of proceedings R 4
minutes R 124
summons R 115
oral proceedings and taking of evidence R 115-124
ordre public 
inventions contrary to ~ A 53(a)
matter contrary to ~ in an EP appl. R 48(1)(a)
Organisation see European Patent Organisation
organs of the EPOrg see European Patent Organisation

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