basis of decisions A 113
sub-office in ~ PCen I(3)(d)
biological material R 26, R 27, R 31-34
biotechnological inventions R 26-29
biological processes A 53(b)
Boards of Appeal 
allocation of duties R 12(4)
appointment of chairmen A 11(3)
as departments charged with the procedure A 15(f)
binding effect of decisions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal A 112(3)
composition A 21
presidium R 12
responsibilities A 21
Rules of Procedure A 23(4); R 12(3)
- see Enlarged Board of Appeal 
branch at The Hague A 6(2); PCen I, PCen V(1),(2)
Budget and Finance Committee A 50(f)
budget of the EPOrg A 42, A 47, A 48, A 49(2)
amending or supplementary budget A 42(1), A 46(2), A 48
amendment by the Administrative Council A 36(1)
authorisation for expenditure A 43
discharge in respect of the implementation of the ~ A 49(4)
implementation and amending A 10(2)(d), A 48, A 50(a)
preparation and adoption of the ~ A 46
unforeseeable expenditure A 44

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