general principles 
of procedural law of the Contracting States A 125
General provisions 
of the EPC A 1-4
germ line of human beings R 28
goods and services PPI 7
grant of a European patent A 97; R 71, R 71a, R 72
decisions on the right to ~ PR 9, PR 10
entries in the Register of European Patents R 143(1)(o)
fee for grant and publishing R 71, R 71a; RFees 2(1).7
mention in the European Patent Bulletin A 97(3), A 129(a); R 71, R 71a
request for the grant A 78(1)(a), A 79(1), A 90; R 19(1), R 41, R 49
text of the EP appl. forming the basis for grant R 71

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