salaries and emoluments 
taxation PPI 16(1)
salary scales 
of the employees of the EPO A 33(2)(b)
scientific theories A 52(2)(a)
search A 92; R 61-66, R 164
assigned to sub-offices PCen I(3)(a), PCen V,
search activity 
co-operation between the EPO and other authorities PCen III(2)
Searching Authority see International Searching Authority
search divisions A 17
allocation of duties R 11(1)
as a department charged with the procedure A 15(b)
organisation R 9(1)
responsibilities A 17; R 11
search fee 
international search A 152; R 158(1); RFees 2(1).2
search report see European search report
search result of national application R 70b, 141
secret applications A 75(2), A 77; R 37
precautions and observance of police regulations PPI 20, PPI 21
sequence listing R 30
service see notification
signature R 2, R 113
simultaneous protection A 139(3)
skilled person see person skilled in the art
small and medium-sized enterprises R 6(3)
social security PPI 18
special agreements A 142-149a
special departments of the EPO A 143, A 144
direction A 143(2)
expenditure A 146
representation before ~ A 144
setting up of ~ A 143(2)
supervising A 145(1)
special financial contributions see financial contributions
special tasks 
expenditure A 146
special technical features R 44(1)
specification of the European patent see European patent specification
state of the art A 54, A 56, A 153; R 42(1)(b), R 165
disparaging ~ R 48(1)(b)
stay of proceedings R 14, R 78, R 143(1)(s)
Strasbourg Agreement concerning the International Patent Classification R 8
dislocation of the proper functioning R 134(2)
postal ~ R 134(2)
sub-offices of the EPO A 7; PCen I(3)(d), PCen V
substances and compositions A 53(c), A 54(4),(5)
substantive patent law A 52-74
supplementary budget A 10(2)(d), A 36(1), A 42(1), A 46, A 48
supplementary international search R 161, 164; RFees 2(1).2
methods for treatment by ~ A 53(c)
sworn statements 
taking of evidence A 117(1)(g); R 119

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