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Guidelines for Examination


4.1 Documents making up a European patent application

As explained in A‑VII, 1.1, all the documents making up a European application can be filed in any language (i.e. those listed in A‑II, 4.1, plus the claims if present on the date of filing and any text of the drawings present on the date of filing). Consequently, it is not possible to file these documents in the wrong language, provided that are all in the same language and are furnished on the date of filing.

Divisional applications and applications according to Art. 61(1)(b), however, must be filed in the language of the proceedings of the earlier parent application from which they derive, or in the case of divisional applications, they. They may also be filed in the same non-official language as the earlier application and then translated into the language of the proceedings thereof (see A‑IV, 1.3.3).


Art. 78(1)