3.1 Accelerated search

An accelerated search (within six months of the date of filing) will be carried out without the need for a separate request for European patent applications claiming no priority (first filings). However, an application will be considered a "first filing" only if the applicant has indicated on filing his intention not to file a declaration of priority at a later stage of the proceedings.

For second filings (European patent applications claiming priority), accelerated search can be requested on filing. In these cases the OfficeEPO will make every effort to issue the search report as soon as possible, provided that this is practically feasible.

In both cases, however, an accelerated search will be possible only if the application documents on filing are complete enough for the search to be performed. In particular, the description, the claims, any translation required and (if applicable) the drawings and sequence listings conforming to Rule 30(1) must be supplied on filing. Prosecution under PACE will be not possible for applications filed by reference to a previous application under Rule 40(1)(c) and (2) and for applications in which missing parts of the description and/or missing drawings have been filed under Rule 56.

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