The provisions of A‑III, 2 ("Representation") apply to international applications whether furnished in an official language or in translation. An agent having a right to practise before the PCT International Authorities is not necessarily authorised to act before the EPO (see Art. 27(7) PCT). For the representation of applicants before the EPO as designated or elected Office see the latest version of the Guide for Applicants "How to get a European patent, Part 2: PCT procedure before the EPO – Euro-PCT"latest version of the Guide for applicants: “’Euro-PCT Guide’: PCT procedure at the EPO”.

If there is more than one applicant and the following information was not provided for one or more of those applicants in the International phase and is still missing at the expiry of the 31-month time limit under Rule 159(1):

State of residence or principal place of business 

the EPO will invite the applicant to furnish these indications within two months. Failure to do so will lead to refusal of the application. The same applies if the requirements for representation are not met at the end of the 31-month time limit, with the same consequence for failure to correct the deficiency in time. If the applicant fails to reply in time to the above-mentioned invitation, he may request further processing.

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