National legal bases


This table lists (not necessarily all) the contracting and extension states' important national legal sources (laws, regulations, decrees, etc.) of significance for European patent applications and patents and, for the most part, also referred to in the subsequent tables. The title of these legal sources is given in the official language of the states in question. Where necessary, a translation in the official language of the EPO in which this summary is published is given underneath in italics in square brackets. To keep this table to a reasonable size, the "original title" in the case of states with more than one official language is given only in one of these languages.

The dates on which the various items of referenced legislation entered into force have not been included, as this would have cluttered up the tables - especially in cases where some articles of certain laws and regulations entered into force at different times.

Where the Office knows of translations into one of the official languages of the EPO of the legal sources listed, these are referenced. English and French translations of legal texts relating to intellectual property can also be consulted in WIPO's electronic database "WIPO Lex" ( It should be noted, however, that these translations are not always up-to-date and that at all times only the original version given in the official publications is the authentic text.

The abbreviations used in the following tables have been introduced for the sake of clarity and do not always coincide with the official abbreviations used in the contracting states.

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