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National Law, Chapter VIII: France

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VIII. Payment of fees

Contracting State


1 National provisions

Fees Ord. of 24.4.08



2 Payee

Bank details

I.N.P.I. Agence Comptable


Trésor Public


Direction régionale des finances publiques -

Île-de-France et département de Paris (DRFIP)

94, rue Réaumur

75002 PARIS


Code banque : 10071

Code guichet : 75000

Clé de RIB: 56


Account No. 00001000008


IBAN: FR76 1007 1750 0000 0010 0000 856





3 Methods of payment

(a) Cash payment

(b) Bank cheque

(c) Postal money order (mandat-lettre)

(d) Postal money order (mandat-carte)

(e) Order to debit an INPI customer account

(f) Bank transfer

(g) Debit card presented at INPI's head or regional offices


Art. 4 Fees Ord. of 24.4.08

4 Date considered as the effective payment date

3(a) Date of payment at INPI

3(b), (c) and (e) If forwarded by post: date of posting (postmark);

if delivered by hand: date of receipt at INPI

3(d) Date of issue of order (postmark)

3(f) Date on which INPI's account is credited

3(g) Date of payment


Art. 4 Fees Ord. of 24.4.08