Decision of the Administrative Council of 29 June 2017 amending Rules 27 and 28 of the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention (CA/D 6/17)

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Having regard to the European Patent Convention (hereinafter referred to as "EPC") and in particular Article 33(1)(c) thereof,

On a proposal from the President of the European Patent Office,

Having regard to the opinion of the Committee on Patent Law,


Article 1

Paragraph (b) of Rule 27 of the Implementing Regulations to the EPC shall be amended as follows:

"(b) without prejudice to Rule 28, paragraph 2, plants or animals if the technical feasibility of the invention is not confined to a particular plant or animal variety;"

Article 2

Rule 28 of the Implementing Regulations to the EPC shall be amended as follows:

1. The current text shall become paragraph 1 (a) to (d).

2. The following new paragraph 2 shall be added:

"(2) Under Article 53(b), European patents shall not be granted in respect of plants or animals exclusively obtained by means of an essentially biological process."

Article 3

This decision shall enter into force on 1 July 2017. Rules 27 and 28 EPC as amended by Articles 1 and 2 of this decision shall apply to European patent applications filed on or after this date, as well as to European patent applications and European patents pending at that time.

Done at The Hague, 29 June 2017

For the Administrative Council

The Chairman


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