GR Greece: New fee rates

The Greek Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) has informed us that some patent fees in Greece have been changed. 1  Applicants for and proprietors of European patents with effect in Greece are advised that from 1 April 2010 the following rates apply:

1. Publication of translations of the claims pursuant to Article 67(3) EPC:

EUR 100 (unchanged)

2. Publication of translations of the patent specification pursuant to Article 65 EPC:

EUR 350

3. Renewal fees:

1st year 0
2nd year 0
3rd year 20
4th year 50
5th year 80
6th year 90
7th year 100
8th year 115
9th year 140
10th year 190
11th year 240
12th year 300
13th year 400
14th year 500
15th year 600
16th year 700
17th year 800
18th year 900
19th year 1 000
20th year 1 100

4. Conversion of European patent applications or patents into national patent applications or patents:

Filing fee: EUR 50

5. Fee for registering a transfer, licence or other right: EUR 200

EPO information brochure "National law relating to the EPC"

Users of this brochure (14th edition) should amend Tables IV, column 5, VI, column 1, and VII, column 2, accordingly.

1. Decision of the Administrative Council of the Industrial Property Organisation of 24 March 2010 on the Rules relating to Fees, published in EDBI 3/2010, Vol. A'.

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