Official Journal special edition – "15th European Patent Judges' Symposium"

At a two-yearly symposium, European patent judges exchange news and views about developments in European patent law and recent court and national-office decisions.

From 15 to 17 September 2010, 120 patent judges from Europe and guests from the USA and Japan came together in Lisbon to discuss the latest developments in patent law in Europe. They made use of this opportunity to compare their national approaches on a wide variety of topics.

The proceedings of this 15th symposium (papers presented, "folding attic stairway" case study GB 2 319 051 A, and a report) are being published as special edition No. 1 of OJ EPO 2011.

As from 1.1.2011, special editions are no longer included in the OJ subscription (see notice in OJ EPO 2010, 647).

The "15th European Patent Judges' Symposium" special edition (publication date: mid-March) costs EUR 60 and can be ordered from the EPO's Vienna sub-office or online under

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