Fees for international applications: new equivalent amounts

1. The amounts of the fees and reductions listed under point 3 are fixed by WIPO and expressed in Swiss currency (Rule 96 PCT). However, where these fees must be paid to the EPO - in its function as receiving Office and IPEA respectively - they must be paid in euros. 

2. Equivalent amounts in euros of the fees as fixed by WIPO are established by its Director General in accordance with the Directive of the PCT Assembly relating to the establishment of equivalent amounts of certain fees.[1]

3. The Director General of WIPO has revised the equivalent amounts with effect from 1 January 2013.[2] Therefore, the table of fees for international applications published in OJ EPO 2011, 539 is changed as follows: 

International filing fee: from EUR 1 094 to EUR 1 100
Fee per sheet in excess of 30: EUR 12 (unchanged)
Reductions (under the Schedule of Fees, item 4):
- electronic filing (request in character coded format): EUR 165 (unchanged)
- electronic filing (in character coded format): from EUR 247 to EUR 248
Handling fee: EUR 165 (unchanged)

4. The amount of the international filing fee payable is the amount applicable on the date of receipt of the international application (Rule 15.3 PCT).

5. The amount of the handling fee payable is the amount applicable on the date of payment (Rule 57.3(d) PCT).

6. Please note that recent changes in the equivalent amounts in euros are due to developments in exchange rates between the euro and the Swiss franc.

[1] http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/fees/equivalent_amounts.html 
[2] Official Notices (PCT Gazette) of 15 November 2012. 

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