2015 enrolment


Access to the web portal

To apply to the EQE 2015


The online application takes about half-an-hour and must be completed by the closing date. It is strongly recommended to submit the application as early as possible.

The web portal is optimised for Internet Explorer 8.0 or above and Mozilla Firefox 17 or above.

To properly display PDF-documents, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer (free software available from http://www.adobe.com).

The examination consisting of four papers - A, B, C and D - will be referred to as "the main examination". Candidates wishing to enrol for the pre-examination may submit their applications as from 1 April 2014. Candidates wishing to enrol for the main examination may submit their applications as from 14 July 2014

Closing dates

1. Pre-examination

Complete applications must be received by the Examination Secretariat no later than 2 June 2014.

2. Main examination

Complete applications of candidates wishing to sit the main examination must be received by the Examination Secretariat no later than 8 September 2014.


Please note that the fees relating to the EQE may only be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Fees may not be paid by debiting an EPO deposit account. If the prerscribed fees are not validly paid, the application for enrolment will be deemed not to have been filed.

Candidates can request a fee subsidy (eligibility criteria apply). 

Enrolment forms

Is it compulsory to transmit the application/data electronically?

Yes, candidates must submit their application online via the web portal, and subsequently file their application documents in paper form (see Announcement of the EQE 2015, point I)

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