Past examination papers and examiners' reports

This collection contains the examination papers of the European qualifying examination of the current year in the three official languages, the examiners' reports on each paper drawn up by the examination committees and examples of successful candidates, answers in the three official languages.

The candidates' answers have not been revised or corrected either by the candidates or the Office prior to publication. They are therefore not perfect, and have been included simply as examples of satisfactory answers awarded the grade "PASS". In no way are they to be regarded as standard answers providing a model response to all aspects of a particular question.

Those parts of the question paper, which candidates have included in their answer, have been reproduced in italics.


The papers from 2006 onwards are available online only. A paper version is no longer produced.

Please note that edition 2007 does not contain examples of successful candidates' answers. See also Remarks from the Examination Board for the EQE 2007.

From 2007 onwards the papers contain German and French translations of the examiners' reports originally drawn up by the examination committees in English.

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