EQE fee subsidies for candidates from certain countries

What is the EQE fee subsidy? 

The EPO currently subsidises, on request, the fees payable by certain EQE candidates. The candidates in question are those residing in the EPO member states which currently receive the highest level of financial support under the Organisation's co-operation policy. This subsidy is funded from the EPO's co-operation budget.

Which member states are covered? 

EQE candidates who are residents of the following 19 member states qualify for a subsidy: Albania (AL), Bulgaria (BG), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Estonia (EE), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MK), Greece (GR), Hungary (HU), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Malta (MT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Serbia (RS), Slovak Republic (SK), Slovenia (SI) and Turkey (TR).

Which EQE fees are covered and how high is the subsidy? 

This subsidy applies to the annual enrolment fee of EUR 200 and to the individual examination fees of EUR 200 to EUR 400 per paper. It covers 75% of these fees. So, if you qualify for a subsidy, you will only be required to pay 25% of the total prescribed fees when enrolling. You may request a fee subsidy up to and including your third resit (fourth sitting), per examination paper.

You are eligible for a fee subsidy if you 

  • are a permanent resident and have been employed for at least six months prior to requesting the subsidy in one of the following EPO member states: AL, BG, HR, CY, CZ, EE, MK, GR, HU, LV, LT, MT, PL, PT, RO, RS, SK, SI, or TR;
  • intend to enrol for the EQE 2018 (see the Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives and the Announcement of the EQE 2018 in the Supplement to OJ 2/2014 and in OJ 2/2017 respectively); and
  • provide the supporting documents specified below.

Which supporting documents do you have to provide? 

  • Written proof of your place of residence. This should be an original permanent residence permit obtained from the local government authority. A residence permit is a document identifying and confirming that the holder has a permanent residence in a given country.
  • Written proof of your place of work. This should be an extract from your work contract or internship agreement or any official document showing your place of work.
  • A translation of the above two documents into one of the EPO's three official languages (English, French and German).

Fee subsidies and resitting examinations 

You may also request a fee subsidy up to and including the third resit of an examination paper (see Rule 8 of the IPREE).

Examination fees:

  • First resit: 100% of the basic fee, i.e. EUR 200, to sit a paper for a second time;
  • Second resit: 150% of the basic fee, i.e. EUR 300, to sit a paper for a third time;
  • Third resit: 200% of the basic fee, i.e. EUR 400, to sit a paper for a fourth time.

What happens if I withdraw from one or more EQE examinations and duly inform the Examination Secretariat before the given deadline?

Any EQE fees paid to the EPO for which you have been granted a subsidy will not be refunded.

The amount retained by the EPO will be used to cover the administration costs of your request.

How do I request a subsidy? 

Assuming that you meet the eligibility criteria, you should complete a Request Form for EQE fee subsidy: Main exams 2018 and send it to the EPO. Your request will only be considered if you use this form.

You must do this prior to enrolling for the EQE examination.

How do I submit the Fee subsidy request form?

Please check that you have dated and signed the completed request form. Then submit it, along with scanned copies of all the supporting documents, in a single PDF file to:

Do not send your request to any other EPO e-mail address, or submit it by post or fax. This may result in your request being refused.

How will I know if my request has been approved?

You will be informed by e-mail.

Please wait and see whether your request has been approved before applying to sit the EQE 2018.

What do I do once my request has been approved? 

You will receive a validation code which you must use when enrolling for the examination via the EQE web portal (www.eqe.org).

Requesting a fee subsidy and registering for the examination are two separate procedures. You have to enrol for the examination via the EQE web portal.

Please note that the closing dates for EQE enrolment are applied strictly.

What is the deadline for submitting a fee subsidy request? 

Requests for a fee subsidy must reach the EPO by Friday, 25 August 2017.

This is to give the EPO time to inform you whether your request for a fee subsidy has been approved, and to give you sufficient time to enrol and pay for the EQE pre-examination via the EQE web portal.

Is there a connection between the fee subsidy and the EQE Candidate Support Project? 

This fee subsidy is completely unrelated to the EQE Candidate Support Project.

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