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Paper C: Training material

Training resources for Paper C of the European qualifying examination

Paper C assesses candidates' ability to draft a notice of opposition to a European patent. The paper is presented in the form of a letter from a client to a professional representative, accompanied by the European patent to be opposed and a number of prior art documents. The paper, which lasts for 6 hours (5 hours from 2013), is held on day 3 of exam week.

There is a dedicated area on the EQE forum for Paper C where candidates can post questions and contribute to discussions on Paper C in general and on past papers. A tutor is available to answer questions and to give advice.

There are several commented answer papers for Paper C 2009 and Paper C 2010 which have been reviewed by tutors. Comments have been added to explain where candidates made errors and how those errors might have been avoided.

More information on how to prepare for the EQE can be found in the EQE study guide

Training resources

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