Search Matters 2013

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Poster (JPG)Seminar for patent information professionals

18 - 19 March 2013
The Hague, Netherlands

For the 25th time, the EPO held its unique Search Matters seminar - the platform for presenting the EPO's patent search strategies and techniques. Participants had an opportunity to meet over 40 patent examiners from a variety of technical fields. Search Matters offered an unrivalled look behind the scenes at the EPO. For a full afternoon, a number of participants were given the opportunity to meet EPO examiners face-to-face to explain how they go about searching in the participants' specific technical areas.

We were also very excited to have guest speaker Stephen Adams of Magister Ltd. on the programme. His talk showed that the human elements of searching are still a vital factor in delivering high-quality results, and quite independent of "choosing the best keywords". 

The programme of the anniversary event focussed on search practice in:

  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • industrial, pure and applied chemistry
  • computers
  • green technology

Search Matters 2013 altogether comprised 28 workshops and eight plenary lectures.

Target groups

Patent search professionals from industry and law firms with at least two years experience. Staff from national patent offices were respectfully directed to alternative advanced EPO training programmes on patent information.


The Twitter hashtag for the event is #searchmatters

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