Indo-European conference on ICT-related patents

Poster (JPG)7 November 2014
European Patent Office, Munich

Europe and India are important sources of innovation as well as attractive technology markets. However, owners of information and communication technology (ICT) from the two regions are relatively inactive when it comes to protecting their ICT inventions in each other's markets. In the long term, this lack of action may form a barrier to the competitiveness of European and Indian companies.

With this in mind, the European Patent Office and the Indian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, in association with the European Business and Technology Centre, staged a high-level Indo-European conference on ICT-related patents.

The conference aimed to provide European companies and stakeholders with first-hand accounts of the opportunities and challenges presented by the Indian patent system. Speakers showcased the commitment of both India and Europe to working together to build a patent ecosystem in the ICT sector. The programme also spotlighted best practices in the field of computer-implemented inventions.

Conference report

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