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Conference for patent professionals and industry
1-2 October 2014

The EPO's involvement with the PCT has always been a matter of top priority. As a leading PCT authority the EPO produces approximately 40% of all international search reports and 50% of international preliminary examinations reports. Against this backdrop, the EPO is once again organising a conference on filing PCT applications with the EPO.

This event offers an excellent opportunity to meet senior experts from the EPO and other major patent offices, as well as from patent law firms and industry. The programme will spotlight important aspects relating to the filing and processing of applications at the EPO in all its capacities under the PCT. In addition, the conference will look at the specifics of entering the national phases at the JPO, SIPO and USPTO.

Talks will cover proposed new services such as the supplementary international search, the second written opinion and top-up search in the Chapter II procedure, the new procedure regarding non-unity upon entry into the European regional phase and utilisation of PCT work in the PCT-PPH framework.

Target group

This expert event is intended primarily for patent attorneys from IP law firms and industry.

Registration deadline

12 September 2014  

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