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Minesoft is a global patent information solutions provider, working with industrial corporations, patent attorney firms and patent offices around the world. Founded in 1996, Minesoft specialises in tools and services for retrieving, storing and distributing patent information throughout the enterprise.

From high-speed IP document delivery systems to its prominent searchable patent database, PatBase, Minesoft solutions are at the forefront of the intellectual property information industry.


One step ahead with PatBase

Search, review and analyse East and West Patent Data with one powerful single database

This workshop provides an update on PatBase - the global patent family database - showcasing the extensive Asian patent coverage (including China, Japan and Korea), machine translations, and cross-lingual search options on offer. Live demonstrations will show the non-Latin search functionality benefits in PatBase, including native language search, side-by-side machine translations, combining Latin and non-Latin search results for deduplication and using the Japanese classifications to refine results.



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PatentSight offers strategic overviews of the IP landscape and a powerful drilldown on portfolios and technical developments. The Patent Asset IndexTM measures the strength of patent families and corporate portfolios. Our Business Intelligence platform has a wide range of applications including identifying key inventions, portfolio review, Key Performance Indicators, competitive benchmarks, etc.


PatentSight as a powerful analysis platform for scientific patent valuation

One of the metrics calculated in PatentSight on ALIVE patent families is the Recent Technology Relevance. A pilot study reveals that the use of this indicator allows the identification of publications that obtain a "citation rate" that is significantly higher than that of other patents in a specific technological area. The power of this approach is illustrated in the area of Exploration & Production (IPC=E21B) for a large set of patent families, active in selected Asian jurisdictions (CN, IN, JP, KR, and TW), from which a top 25 can be defined that is (seen as) potentially disruptive in that technology field.



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ChemAxon is a leader in providing chemical software development platforms and desktop applications for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. By focusing upon active interaction with users and core portability, ChemAxon creates leading edge cross platform solutions to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication.


Multilingual Name to Structure from desktop applications through enterprise solutions

By providing a reliable Name to Structure conversion (N2S), Naming has become the backbone of ChemAxon's chemical text mining solutions. In this workshop, we review the N2S integration points into our single user desktop applications (Marvin, Instant JChem, JChem4Excel) moving towards the enterprise usage, and introduce a new addition to the text mining family, namely Document to Database. In addition to end-user related demonstrations, in which we focus on Chinese chemical name recognition, new improvements will also be covered, including Japanese N2S.



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Hatsumei Tsushin

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Since the foundation of the company in January 1951, we have been involved in patent information services for 60 years, starting with the provision of paper-based publications (SDI service) continuously, followed by establishment of a research department, and providing overseas patent publications (currently, publication data of EP/PCT, Germany, China, and Korea, and bibliographical data of Thailand, Vietnam, India, etc.).



HYPAT-i2 offers access to Japanese patent and utility model documents and foreign patents. In this workshop, we will introduce the patent search for Japan and other Asian countries as well as the machine translation services.


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NGB IP Research Institute (NGB IPRI)

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NGB IP Research Institute (NGB IPRI) provides research & consulting services for the strategic use of intellectual property rights. The IPRI consists of 30 IP analysts and over 150 searchers specialised in chemical, pharmaceutical automotive, electronics and telecommunication fields. We are able to assist you with conventional patent and non-patent searches such as validity, novelty, infringement and subject-matter searches.


Asian prior art search & NGB services

This workshop will introduce the detailed methods and the importance of Japanese prior art searching, covering the following content:

  1. Abundance of prior art (more than 8 million applications)
  2. Language barrier (many Japanese applications do not have any foreign counterparts)
  3. Advantage in many technological fields
  4. Detailed patent classification
  5. Trends of published prior art in Asia
  6. Published prior art by fields
  7. Case Study: Prior art searching by using FI&F-terms (Japanese original classification system)



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Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH)

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The Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) is a leading patent consulting services and solutions provider. As the most important subsidiary of State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), the IPPH owns unparalleled practical experience and technical strength, which guarantees sophisticated solutions and quality services throughout the IP life-cycle. With decades of accumulated experience, we help clients to discover the technical landscape, identify IP risks, enforce their IPR and manage their intangible assets.


Chinese patent information retrieval

This workshop will share skills and tips with participants on how to retrieve Chinese patent information with the IPPH's sources, using both powerpoint slides and demonstrations of the tools. You will see how the results can be visualized and analysed, using the company's product portfolio. Participants will also receive free trial accounts to try the database features, either with their own laptops during the workshop, or later in their offices.



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