Speakers‘ CVs

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Krüger (PNG)Arne Krüger

Arne Krüger is founder and executive of Moving Targets Consulting GmbH.

He works in Berlin and lives in Istanbul. As a passionate entrepreneur he enjoys solving business problems together with his team of almost eighty software developers and the help of information technology. He say "yes" to life, believes that we should fail fast and often and regards the internet as causing the third industrial revolution, right now.

Hopkins (JPG)Dave Hopkins

Dave Hopkins is the Business Engagement Manager for the Intellectual Property Office. Dave has successfully worked in a variety of key roles within the IPO over the past 16 years and joined the Business Outreach Team in 2009. Prior to joining the Office Dave worked in a wide range of private sector organisations including the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

In his current role Dave works with a broad range of local, regional and national organisations to help promote the importance of IP to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Dave, who is based in Wales, currently sits on the Wales EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) Steering Board.

Burton (JPG)Luke Burton

Luke Burton is the manager of the Business & IP Centre Newcastle based in Newcastle City Library. Luke has worked for Newcastle Library Service for three years as a library and information officer and currently as the manager of their European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) funded project. Prior to working for Newcastle Luke worked for Durham and Gateshead library services.

In his current role Luke works with a range of new and established businesses in the North East of England to improve their IP awareness, provide information on registering rights, carry out prior art searches and provide free, reliable IP guidance.

Luke is the current chair of PATLIB UK.

Sözer (JPG)Mehmet Nurşad Sözer

Patent examiner, Turkish Patent Institute

Mr Mehmet Sözer is a graduate of Marmara University, Industrial Engineering Department.

He has been working for TPI as patent examiner since 2004 and now holds the position as country coordinator for "Bilateral Cooperation Plans" between the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI).

He is also responsible for the efforts made within the scope of the action plans of the Supreme Council for Science and Technology (decree 2011/108 titled "Developing Policy Tools to Stimulate Domestic Patent Licensing").

Mr Sözer is a member of the Steering Committee of "Disseminating IP Knowledge in Universities Project" initiated by TPI in co-operation with EPO.

In the establishment process of patent-related support programmes called "Patent application support programme" (TUBITAK 1008 programme) and "Patent support programme" (TUBITAK 1602 programme) Mr Sözer takes a leading role and is charged as TPI contact person.

Kuningas (JPG)Marius Kuningas

Marius Kuningas has been the General Director of the Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre since 2013 as well as General Director of the Estonian Patent Information Centre since 2010.

His main activities cover the day-to-day management as well as ensuring the stable and secure development of the business.

He is also responsible for the development of new activities in this field as well as new international projects.

He completed his PhD studies in Mechanical Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology and speaks English, Russian and German besides his mother tongue Estonian.

Gallafent (JPG)Richard Gallafent

Richard Gallafent is a British and European Patent Attorney who has been practising since well before the EPO opened. He has worked for a diverse range of clients across the entire spectrum of IP rights.

He headed the UK profession in 1988 - 1989 and was awarded a Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2013.

Richard Gallafent has long experience of those who have an idea but have little or no idea what to do first or next, and where IP rights fit in.

As a founder member of ideas21 he has given numerous pro bono advice sessions, seminars and workshops at the British Library since the Business and IP Centre opened in 2006.

Hildebrandt (PNG)Roger Albrecht Hildebrandt

Roger Albrecht Hildebrandt has been working for the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) since 2008.

His main activities include the coordination of the co-operation with the German patent libraries and business supporting organisations as well as the co-ordination and management of the German part of the EU co-financed "IPeuropAware" project (2007-2011) and IPorta (2011-2015).

Before joining the DPMA Mr Hildebrandt worked as project officer at INTERACT (Vienna) where he successfully supported managing authorities, joint technical secretariats, monitoring committees and audit authorities across Europe in the implementation of European territorial co-operation programmes.

He was consultant for the private sector development on behalf of international donor organisations where his fields of activity comprised the elaboration, management and evaluation of operational programmes and auxiliary documents of various EU-community initiatives and European structural funds programmes and projects foremost in eastern and south-eastern Europe.

Ennas (JPG)Sandra Ennas

Sandra Ennas started to work at the Sardegna Ricerche centre in 1994 and she has been responsible for the PATLIB patent information centre desk since 2001.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer service as well as tools for the development of new products/processes have been her main areas of activity since 2003 at the Sardegna Ricerche centre.

She has managed several innovation projects, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and the University, the European Patent Office and the Sardinia Region.

Sandra Ennas also manages the human resources of high competence and different skills (engineering, agriculture, chemistry, philosophy, humanities, law, economics, geology, etc.)

Every year she gives a 20-hour seminar entitled "Patents" at the Faculty of Engineering of Cagliari, for the Industrial Engineering PhD course.

Sandra Ennas is the author of several publications and articles in books dealing with innovation and technology transfer

Ms Ennas studied for her degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cagliari, and holds an International Master in Optical Technologies from the Associazione Istituzione Libera Universita Nuorese (AILUN).

Marcis (JPG)Silvia Marcis

After her postgraduate studies in Information Science and early experiences at the Area Science Park in Trieste, Silvia Marcis joined the Technology Transfer division of "Sardegna Ricerche" in 2002.

Since the inception of the Scientific and Technical Information department, she has been actively involved in further developments of its services. Today the STI department within the Technology Transfer division is able to provide high quality services for research projects in all science and technology branches.

Services such as research and collection of the entire relevant scientific literature as well as of all the relevant studies and researches covered in patent literature (current awareness services in the intellectual property field; competitive intelligence researches services), have become essential for the regional system entrepreneurship.

Silvia Marcis is involved in various patent information related activities and from 2011 she has been supervising and managing the PuntoCartesiano portal, an IP web service designed by Sardegna Ricerche.

Haek (JPG)Abraham Haek

Abraham Haek is a technology advisor specialising in industrial property, technology watch, technology transfer and R&D financing in the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia. He holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Granada and an MBA from the Business School of Andalusia. He has taken specialised courses in industrial property and technology watch. He contributes as a teacher to the entrepreneur module of the “Entrepreneurship in Foreign Trade” course at the University of Granada and teaches the “Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence” module for the Management of R&D master’s degree at the University of Alcalá de Henares.

He has also participated as a speaker at various forums, conferences and contributed to the creation of other specialised training courses in the professional fields mentioned above.

Czajkowski (JPG)Andrew Czajkowski

Andrew Czajkowski graduated in nuclear engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1987.

He subsequently joined the European Patent Office (EPO) where he has been working for 20 years holding various posts, including that of a search and substantive examiner, the EPO's liaison officer responsible for patent information co-operation activities at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, as well as managing technical co-operation with Central and Eastern European Countries.

Since October 2007 he works for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the Global Infrastructure Sector where he is currently the Head of the Innovation and Technology Support Section, responsible for promoting and facilitating access to technology databases, in particular patent and scientific and technical journal databases and building capacity in developing countries through the establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centres.

Roca Campana (JPG)Alejandro Roca Campana

Alejandro Roca Campana holds the position of Senior Director, in the Global Infrastructure Sector (GIS) of WIPO since January 2010.

The main responsibility of Mr. Roca Campana consists of advising and coordinating the programs related to the creation and development of global infrastructure in the field of industrial property, as well as to the strengthening of international cooperation for IP Offices infrastructure modernization, and development, access and dissemination of information contained in global data bases on industrial property and common platforms for the exchange of IP data and information. Currently, he is Senior Director in the Access to Information and Knowledge Division and is responsible for the execution of various projects approved in the framework of WIPO Development Agenda related to the access search and development of tools for the analysis of patent and scientific and technical information and, the South-South Cooperation amongst developing countries in the field of intellectual property.

From 1999 until December 2009, he held various positions in the Development Cooperation Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean being his director during the last seven years.

He holds a university degree in Economics by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, with a specialization in International Economic Relations. He also obtained a specialization Diploma as a patent agent at the Russian Central Institute for Advanced Learning in Intellectual Property of the USSR State Committee of Inventions and Discoveries. He was the Head of the International Cooperation Division, National Office for Inventions, Technical Information and Marks (ONIITEM) of Cuba from 1985 to 1991. In addition to Spanish-his mother tongue-, he speaks fluently English, French, Russian and Italian.

Cakir (JPG)Mustafa Çakir

Mustafa Çakir studied Industrial Engineering at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey.

He is unit manager in intellectual property rights at the Ege University EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office.

His activities cover the following areas:

  • patent search, technology scouting, licensing, competitor analysis, technology watch services
  • IP Management, technology transfer operations
  • Patent search seminars and trainings
  • Evaluation of commercial potential of the inventions
  • IP Valorszation
  • Preparation and management of EU (FP7,CIP) and national projects
  • Organisation and management of national and international events
  • Managing in-house projects for organisational improvement
  • University industry collaboration activities
  • Entrepreneurship activities
  • Turkish patent attorney
  • IPR Helpdesk ambassador

Mustafa Çakir is also technology transfer specialist for the Enterprise Europe Network (CIP Project) at the Ege University EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office as well as project manager for the European Patent Office Pilot Project (PATLIB Project).

He has acted as committee member for the PATLIB Annual Conference for the past three years.

Other projects supported by Mr Çakir as expert were:

  • dissemination of IP Knowledge in Universities (2011 - 2012) and
  • POSMETRANS - POlicy measures for innovation in TRANSport sector with special focus on small- and medium sized enterprises (FP7 Project) (2010 - 2012)

Mr Çakir has attended numerous conferences, seminars and training courses throughout Europe and has himself held various seminars and training sessions in Turkey, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the UK.

Soltmann (JPG)Christian Soltmann

Christian Soltmann is a co-ordinator for the business use of patent information at the European Patent Office in Vienna.

He holds a PhD in materials science and a MAS in intellectual property. After having worked several years as a materials scientist in the field of metals, ceramics and electron microscopy, he specialised in intellectual property and became a patent examiner and patent searcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, with an emphasis on data mining and patent statistics for high-tech sectors and emerging technologies.

In addition, he has lectured at the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne on intellectual property and IP management.

Feret (JPG)Blazej Feret

Blazej Feret is the Director at the Library of the Lodz University of Technology, Poland. Since 1998, he has been the systems librarian and the head of the project management team. Since 2002 he has also been the President of the Board of Directors of the Lodz Academic Library Network (LASB), a consortium of 10 scientific libraries in Lodz. Between 2000 and 2002 he was a member of the content taskforce for the eIFL project run by the Open Society Institute in Budapest. From 2007 to 2012, Blazej Feret was a member of Elsevier European Library Advisory Board and of Elsevier’s Content and Selection Advisory Board for SCOPUS database. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board for Information Infrastructure at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, and a member of executive committee of the Conference of Polish Academic Library Directors (RW KDBSW).

Ruffert (JPG)Susanne Ruffert

Susanne Ruffert is head of the PATLIB Centre at the University Library, RWTH Aachen University, the Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technical University Aachen in Germany since 2002.

She is an information specialist for the life science and natural science disciplines.

From 1999 to 2002 she worked at the Central Library of the Research Centre "Forschungszentrum Jülich" as information specialist for the life science, geology and medicine disciplines During this period she absolved an extra occupational training at the Faculty of Information Science, University of Applied Science Potsdam and received an information specialist degree.

Susanne Ruffert studied at the RWTH University, Department of Plant Physiology where she received her degree in biology (Dipl.-Biol.). After that she studied at the University of Cologne in the Department of Biochemistry where she received a Dr. rer. nat. degree.

Hynynen (JPG)Jouni Hynynen

Jouni Hynynen has worked since 1996 as innovation advisor at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Central Finland.

With his 15 colleagues he offers free-of-charge consultation for entrepreneurs and innovators in innovation and IPR matters.

Innovation advisors form the main part of EPO's PATLIB network in Finland.

Jouni Hynynen graduated from Jyväskylä University with a master degree in nuclear physics in 1989. He has worked as scientist, physics teacher and entrepreneur.

During his career Jouni Hynynen has been much in demand as lecturer. He has also contributed to several governmental projects for developing IPR and innovation services for SMEs.

Since 1990 Jouni Hynynen has given some 500 lectures for entrepreneurs, students and personnel of SMEs in creativity and intellectual property rights

Jouni Hynynen started to study intellectual property matters in 1997. Later on he attended Strategies for Management of Intellectual Property course in the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago 2008.

In the EPO's IP4INNO project Jouni Hynynen was qualified as master trainer. He has given presentations in Bilbao, Berlin, Ottawa and Manchester.

Kohll (JPG)Sigrid Kohll

Sigrid Kohll-Stein studied electro-technical and biomedical engineering at the Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany and has had a career in international consulting firms.

She joined CRP Henri Tudor in 2004 and worked as senior business developer in the Technology Watch Centre which is the sole PATLIB Centre in Luxembourg.

Sigrid Kohll has been working as project manager of the IPorta project since 2011 and interacts with 30 national IP offices in order to provide better intellectual property support services to SMEs.

She also spent one year as seconded expert in the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia.

Cyrille Dubois

Cyrille Dubois is R&D manager in the Technology Watch Centre of the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor in Luxembourg.

He developed and managed many projects in the technology and competitive intelligence and intellectual property fields, both at national and EU levels, for around 18 years.

Cyrille Dubois is involved in several initiatives, among which the IPorta project can be named, the European IPR Helpdesk where he supervises the development of publications and stakeholder management, as well as national initiatives aiming at boosting SMEs' IP practices are part of his work.

Cyrille Dubois regularly participates as speaker in training sessions, events and conferences.

Frunza (JPG)Mircea Frunza

Mircea Frunza is PhD. Engineer and Senior Research Scientist in the field of fluid power systems. He is a consultant specialised in intellectual propriety and the coordinator of PATLIB Iasi, a department of National Inventics Institute in Romania since 2001, author of 26 scientific articles, coordinator for three patents and team member of multiple research projects.

Howell (JPG)Claire Howell

Claire Howell is a Principle Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Senior Lecturer in Law at Aston Business School in the UK.

Her main area of research relates to intellectual property law and its place in the business context. To this end she has produced ‘Intellectual Property Asset Management: How to identify, protect, manage and exploit intellectual property within the business environment’, (Routledge).

Claire Howell has contributed to the EPO’s ‘Roadmap Project’ creating the Roadmap for teaching intellectual property in the Slovenian universities. On behalf of ECAP111 AUNIP, Claire Howell drafted the Intellectual Property policy template to be used by the universities in the ten countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

She is a founder member and coordinator of the European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network [EIPTN] and convener of the Intellectual Property section of the Society of Legal Scholars.

Ciupan (JPG)Cornel Ciupan

Cornel Ciupan has been professor at the Department of Design Engineering and Robotics since 2002 and technical director of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN) Industrial Property Office, Romania since 2010.

He completed his PhD degree in integrated systems of machines in 1998 at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Mr Ciupan has been a qualified industrial property attorney in the patents field since 2003 and a member of the Romanian National Chamber of Industrial Property Attorneys as well as an official representative for community trademarks and designs (European Union), OHIM, Alicante, Spain.

In 2010 he obtained the authorisation of technical expert in the field of intellectual property (patents, designs and trade marks), granted by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, and he is a founding member of the Romanian Association of Robotics.

He has registered eight community trade marks, five community designs, three EPO patents, over 150 Romanian patents and over 30 Romanian trade marks.

He was presented with more than 30 diplomas and medals at national and international exhibitions of inventions, amongst others:

  • Prize of the Technical University Gheorghe Asachi of Iasi, Euroinvent 2013
  • Prize of Vadislav Fadeev Business Incubator, Russia 2009
  • Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions IWIS, Warsaw, Poland 2010
  • Gold Medal at the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland 2009
  • Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions "Archimedes", Moscow, Russia (2009).

Speck (JPG)Kristin Speck

After a PhD in economics of innovation related to railway industry (INRETS/Alstom), Kristin joined the French Office of Industrial Property (INPI) as an economist in 2001.

In 2008, she shifted to INPI's external training department as project manager. Since 2011, she's been head of this department.

She also runs academic teaching activities as associated professor at the Institute for Political Studies of Lille.

Titu (JPEG)Mihail Aurel Titu

Mihail Aurel Titu received his Sc.D. in Industrial Engineering (1999), has a Ph.D. in economy specialisation management (2007) and is consultant in intellectual property.

Currently he is involved in various activities:

  • professor at university,
  • manager of the European PATLIB Centre and the administrative support structure intellectual property protection,
  • editor-in-chief of the Nonconventional Technologies Review,
  • editor of the Management of Sustainable Development Review,
  • member of the Research Centre in the field of quality and management,
  • member of SAMRO,
  • evaluator for research projects,
  • CNCSIS evaluator,
  • president of the ARTN Sibiu branch and
  • vice-president of ARTN Romania.

Mr Titu has published 39 books and 289 scientific papers; 29 invention patents as well as 17 innovations.

He acted as guest professor at universities in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Mr Titu managed seven international and ten national research projects and was a member of 11 international and 46 national research projects.

He also managed a European research project in the field of intellectual property management in partnership with 15 countries "Making full value of good ideas by leveraging intellectual assets for financing SMEs".

In the field of intellectual property protection Mr Titu received special awards, gold, silver and bronze medals (2006-2014) in Belgium, Switzerland, Kuwait, Poland, Croatia, Russia, Romania, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldova, Germany, etc.

He has also acted as consult for implementing quality systems in 19 organisations.

Churackova (JPG)Hana Churáčková

Hana Churáčková worked from 1997 to 2006 at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, at first in the Patent Files Section, then she was promoted head of section and later she became Deputy Director of the Patent Information Department.

After her maternity leave Hana Churáčková returned to the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic where she now works as head of the Digitalisation Section.

Hana Churáčková received her Bachelor‘s degree, Bc. in 1993 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Science of the Silesian University in Opava, where she studied Czech Literature, its documentation and creative use, specialising in librarianship.

She continued her studies at the Charles University in Prague where she did her Master (Mgr.) from 1994 to 1997 at the Facultiy of Arts on Information Studies and Librarianship.

Presently Hana Churáčková is also studying for a PhD on International and regional relations in industrial property at the Metropolitan University of Prague.

Ms Churáčková teaches at the Industrial Property Training Institute on the subject Patent information and searches since 1999 and lectures on Patent and trade mark information and searches at the Metropolitan University Prague since 2012.

Basoglu (JPG)Nuri Basoglu

Nuri Basoglu is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Design, Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir, Turkey managing the design of technology transfer office at the university.

His research interests are technology and innovation management, customer-focused product development, socio-technical aspects of technology, technology adaptation, intelligent adaptive human computer interfaces, information systems strategies.

He has published articles in journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Technology Forecasting and Social Change, Foresight, Journal of High Technology Management, Technology in Society, Computers in Human Behavior, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Journal of Medical Systems, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making and International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences.

He received his BSc in industrial engineering at Bogazici University in Turkey, and his MSc and PhD in business administration at Istanbul University.

Long (JPG)Sally Long

Sally Long works as advisor in the Business Support Policy team in the Intellectual Property Office of the UK. The team is responsible for developing initiatives to improve access to the IP system for SMEs to ensure that they are able to identify their IP, develop IP strategies to successfully manage it and grow their business.

Previously Sally Long worked in the IPO’s Business Outreach & Education team leading on outreach activities in respect of education; this includes working in partnership with Aardman Animations to develop the web based resource “cracking ideas” and the nationwide cracking ideas competition along with the now closed IPO sponsored “Wallace and Gromit present a world of cracking ideas” exhibition. This exhibition, aimed at promoting the importance of invocation and creativity received over 500 000 visitors during its three year run.

Sally Long has worked for the IPO for over 20 years, spending 14 years of this time specialising in the area of trade marks examination and disputes. She has also managed the IPO’s central enquiry unit (now called information centre) which deals with enquiries relating to all areas of intellectual property.

Sally Long was a member of the Business Outreach & Education team for seven years and regularly speaks about intellectual property at business workshops, exhibitions and seminars.

Burgos (JPG)Carolina Arias Burgos

Carolina Arias Burgos studied economics in the Autonomous University of Madrid, specialising in quantitative economy.

In 1996 she started as civil servant at the Higher Body of Statistician of the Galician Government in Spain, as of 2001 Carolina Arias Burgos is head of unit.

In the Galician Statistical Institute Carolina Arias Burgos was responsible for various economic statistics. She is an expert in the European system of accounts: national accounts and input/output tables and published several papers on statistics and economic analyses.

As from 2013 Ms Arias works as economist in the Chief Economist Service of the European Observatory on Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.

She also collaborated in the following study: "Intellectual property rights intensive industries: contribution to the economic performance and employment: industry-level analysis report.

Currently, Carolina Arias Burgos collaborates in the second phase of this study at company-level, she is also responsible for the project "Quantification of infringement of intellectual property rights".

Lazaridis (JPG)George Lazaridis

George Lazaridis obtained his BSc in Politics and Economics from Brunel University, and then later received his MSc in European Policy and Politics from the London School of Economics.

Since 2004 he holds a position in the Chief Economist Unit of the EPO where he is mainly applying economics to address patent related issues. With his team he plans and carries out new economic projects that assess the economic impact of patenting.

Since 2012 he is also assisting the Economic and Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB) of the EPO in its work. George's current research interests focus on markets for technology, monetization of IP and the usage of IP bundles.

Binjung (JPG)Birgit Binjung

Birgit Binjung completed her studies in the field information technology and information / documentation at the University of Technology Ilmenau. She also obtained the certificate: Intellectual property right for engineers and natural scientists at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

She started her career as scientific assistant at the University of Technology Ilmenau. She also worked as technical editor and gained practical experience in the handling and writing of documentations and manuals for electronic image processing.

From 1992 - 2008 she was Head of IPR Service Center of the WTSH with 22 years of experience in the fields of:

  • providing information about intellectual property and its importance for SME as well as individuals (enforcing IP awareness)
  • searching for patents, trade marks and designs in public and commercial databases (customised)
  • organising periodical and special informative events, seminars, workshops and working groups (round tables) regarding IP issues and IP awareness
  • Raise the awareness regarding IP
  • Promote IPR as part of innovation process
  • Technology watch and regular monitoring of technology fields and/or the competition
  • Advice on patent strategies

Since 2008 she is Directress of Innovation Department of the WTSH responsible for:

  • financial support for research and development (funded by German Federation and EU, WTSH works as administrator)
  • innovation consultant: assessment and optimisation of a companies‘ innovation process
  • IPR Service Centre (Head of IPR Service Centre)
    • part of Innovation Department (24 staff members)
    • IPR service centre = four staff members = 2.5 full time positions
    • IPR service centre is one of approx. 20 German Patent Information Centres (PIC).

Bremeersch (JPG)Carole Bremeersch

Carole graduated in Intellectual Property, Industrial Treaties and New Technologies at Pierre-Mendès France University Grenoble in 1995.

She subsequently joined Unilever’s International Trademark Department in London as junior lawyer and, from 1996 to 1998, worked as examiner at INPI’s Opposition Division.

From 1998 to 2007, Carole was a senior counsel at Procter & Gamble – EMEA Trademark Department.

In 2008, Carole joined the patent attorney firm Cabinet Lavoix in Lyon as trade mark attorney.

Since 2009 she works as IP expert at INPI Lyon and is in charge of IP promotion.

Besides French, Carole speaks English and Spanish fluently and is learning Arabic.

Blau (JPG)Cornelia Blau

Cornelia Blau comes from Germany. After studying biology and chemistry at the University of Mainz she received her doctoral degree in natural sciences in 1991. She started her career in the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering. As head of the Biosystems Group she was responsible for the biological and medical part of all industrial projects carried out.

Since 1997, she has been head of the Information and Technology Transfer Office (Kontaktstelle für Information und Technologie - KIT) at the University of Kaiserslautern. She is responsible for the Patent Information Centre of the State, an information brokering and a technology transfer division. Her main concern is to reinforce the competitiveness of SMEs by providing access to IP and business information. She fosters collaboration between industry and research and development groups of the University of Kaiserslautern.

In addition, Cornelia Blau is one of two members of the supervisory board of the "Gründungsbüro TU und FH Kaiserslautern" supporting student intra- and entrepreneurship at Kaiserslautern University and beyond (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern).

Poireau (JPG)Michel Poireau

Michel Poireau was born in Paris, France.

After studying history, law and political science at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration and working in local administration in southern France and Germany, Mr Poireau has been working in Ministries of Higher Education and Industry in Paris from 1977 onwards.

Michel Poireau joined the European Commission in 1984 where he occupied various positions, such as assistant to Director-General of information society, head of unit or adviser in DG Connect, then in DG RTD dealing with aeronautics, environment, energy and industrial technologies.

Since 2012, Mr Poireau has been adviser in DG research and innovation where he is in charge of assessing and defining measures to enhance the exploitation of results from the EU research portfolio (Framework Programme 7 and Horizon 2020) and to strengthen its innovation dimension.

Krestel (JPG)Heidrun Krestel

Heidrun Krestel holds a master's degree in material science.

She has a long term background in the area of patent information, having been the head of the Technical Information Centre at the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bavaria, Nürnberg for 14 years. This technical information centre includes the largest patent information centre in Germany.

In 2002 she joined the European Patent Office, Vienna sub-office, as liaison officer. As country coordinator for several member states in the European Co-operation Directorate she takes care of the development of the EPO's co-operation policy, establishing of bilateral co-operation plans and coordinating the implementation of co-operation activities with national offices of member states. One of her tasks is also to manage projects to reorient patent information centres.

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