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Main auditorium

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

13.30-15.00 h

Minesoft update

Rahman Hyatt, Minesoft  

Get up to speed with new PatBase Analytics, PatBase and Express enhancements, and newly launched alerting services for tracking citations and legal status.
Presentation (PDF, 839 KB) 

Update information on IPPH products

Haijing Liu, IPPH
Presentation (PDF, 1704 KB)

New features and case studies   

Jean-Michel Careil, Intellixir
Presentation (PDF, 572 KB)

Europatis services  

Laurent Michel, Europatis
Presentation (PDF, 81 KB)

Update on Thomson Reuters' products and services

Benno Jensen, Thomson Reuters
Presentation (PDF, 980 KB)

New and enhanced features now available from Questel

Roland Gissler, Questel

Latest enhancements from Questel now available in the Orbit 1.9 release - enhance your patent search and analysis skills. The first phase of Questel's Fampat and Pluspat reload has been completed. Improving our prior art search module:

  • new and modified fields and number formats,
  • better family building algorithms,
  • more accurate dates and titles for Orbit,
  • extended family grouping functionality,
  • search history function which allows to combine search sets for more complex strategies.

and our Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) module:

  • new evaluation feature on portfolio pruning: examine a portfolio and identify patents which could be considered for abandonment.
  • new set of charts for understanding technology trends, players, and investment options in an answer set
  • easy-to-read HTML 5 concept map;
  • easy-to-use data rules wizard for storing company and concept analysis rules..

Presentation (PDF, 340 KB)

Introduction to PatentAdvisor      

Richard Garner, LexisNexis
Presentation (PDF, 402 KB)

A new world of patent searching with ProQuest Dialog

Henrik Bang, ProQuest Dialog
Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

Corporate reporting for intellectual properties             

George Schizas, Genshape Management
Presentation (PDF, 261 KB)

Patent information in large enterprises   

Sascha Kamhuber, infoapps GmbH
Presentation (PDF, 412 KB) 

Leading-edge semantic search algorithms, automatic classification features, intelligent distribution, and a streamlined workflow support ensure highest possible efficiency for your IP work, when using our Patent Research and Information systems. Competitor, technology, and legal status monitoring are supported in a most powerful fashion. Supplemented by flexible assessment capabilities, you will be empowered to establish your individual patent knowledgebase

CLAIMS Direct 2.0 

Rosa Alentorn, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services
Presentation (PDF, 104 KB)

Human translation for MT prices

IJsbrandt 't Mannetje, Scipat
Presentation (PDF, 130 KB)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

09.00-10.00 h

Patent machine translation

John Tinsley, Iconic Translation Machines
Presentation (PDF, 1184 KB)

Automating smart data analyses through semantic technologies

Philipp Daumke, Averbis GmbH
Presentation (PDF, 504 KB)

Monitoring of competitors, contractors, or certain products is a high demand in various industries. Analysing patents, research literature and expert blogs is one strategy to complement this complex puzzle. Such an analysis comprises the detailed assessment of large corpora to specific technology fields.  The process of search, filtering and categorisation of big data sets go typically far beyond simple keyword search. Currently, the process of gaining knowledge from such data is still a tedious and time consuming expert work. Current software often does not cover the full analytics lifecycle or does not achieve the precision required for automating analyses.  Language technologies are a promising approach to support more fine-granular analysis of data. We present an approach that combines text-mining, semantic search and machine-learning technologies to gain knowledge from unstructured data with both high precision and completeness. The software identifies business-critical facts and relationships hidden to effectively support information driven decision making. By integrating heterogeneous data sources, we support IP professionals in competitor and patent landscaping analyses as well as in early drug discovery. In different real-world evaluations our approach reaches accuracy rates being on par with the results of human experts expert judgements with a reduction of manual effort of up to 80%.

XPAT - Professional in-house patent information system

Andreas Hofmann, G.E.I. KRAMER & HOFMANN mbH

XPAT is in an in-house information system for patents and literature data. It is possible to convert any professional data, legacy data and data for free into the XPAT database. After the conversion the database will keep all these data in a common format, so that all the data can be searched by the same professional search language of XPAT with Boolean, numeric and proximity operators. An important feature of a modern system is the implementation of a patent workflow. An example will show how this workflow works in XPAT. First step: Definition of search profiles which search for new data for example at DEPATISnet. New hits will automatically put in the database. It is an automatic job without any further user action. By an internal search profile XPAT will detect new documents and according to the search profile's content (defined by the contented the search profiles) XPAT will send the documents to certain users (step 2). With the help of a traffic light system the user will decide about the importance of a document and so in step three the patent department will receive as quickly as possible complete and detailed information about relevant, important and dangerous documents of competitors.
Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

WIPO - patent systems news! 

Iustin Diaconescu, WIPO
Presentation (PDF, 529 KB)

Knowledge management for patent information

Klaus Heumann, Biomax Informatics AG 
Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

Enrichment and semantic representation of content resources are key to effectively working with patent information. Principles and concepts of knowledge management provide effective tools to address this challenge in light of the ever increasing volume of textual and non-textual data resources produced and published.

Fast, fun and spot-on. Patent searching with AmberScope

Doris Spielthenner, Ambercite
Presentation (PDF, 449 KB)

PatSeer and Patent iNSIGHT Pro

Manish Sinha, Gridlogics Technologies
Presentation (PDF, 384 KB)

Online file inspection

Harald Seitz, German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)
Presentation (PDF, 330 KB)


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