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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

14.00-15.00 hrs
Room: Saski

PatBase Analytics and product updates
Rahman Hyatt, Minesoft

Join the Minesoft workshop to learn more about the latest major enhancements to the PatBase and PatBase Express patent search platforms, as well as brand new product launches.

Discover the powerful new built-in PatBase Analytics software, capable of rapid and in-depth analyses of tens of thousands of records in minutes. Get a guided tour of the new version of PatBase Express, now optimised for use on any device – PC, tablet or mobile – and with a sleek modernised interface and new functionality.
We will also be presenting two new time-saving alerting services developed in-house – Cite Tracker for monitoring patent citations, and Legal Status Tracker for closely watching INPADOC legal status changes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

09.00-12.00 hrs
Room: Saski

How Big Data is changing the patent prosecution industry forever
Chris Holt, Vice President of Patent Analytics, LexisNexis

This presentation will demonstrate how extensive U.S. patent office data is being utilised effectively to objectify patent prosecution performance.

As many may have suspected, the data shows that the patent examination process in the United States is quite inconsistent. There is tremendous variation in how applications are handled even amongst examiners working within the same technology group. There is no standardised path to allowance against which to benchmark prosecution performance.

The PatentAdvisor information system addresses this problem by revealing the statistically “normal” prosecution paths for every U.S. patent examiner. This information is provided as part of a larger framework for objectively evaluating the effectiveness with which patent prosecution dollars are being spent. The framework also enables a fair comparison of multiple prosecution service providers. Finally, the data supports a data driven approach to forecasting a budget for future prosecution spend.

10.00 - 11.00 hrs
Room: Królewski     

What’s new with Thomson Innovation and DWPI
Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters

Major enhancements to Thomson Innovation, the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) have been made over the past year, and more are coming.

Join us to see what they are, as well as how they can benefit your organisation.

11.30 - 12.30 hrs
Room: Królewski     

Find better patents faster. Improving your searching productivity with AmberScope
Doris Spielthenner, Ambercite

Looking for new ways to find patents that can make a real difference to your clients and employers? Are you time-poor? Do you have long lists of patents you need to search?

AmberScope is an innovative patent search engine that uses visual guidance and Big Data analytics based on citation opinions from millions of examiners and applicants to identify similar, important and unexpected patents. It makes searching better and much faster. In this interactive hour you will learn:

  • why conventional patent searching approaches can miss relevant patents
  • why conventional citation searching can be unproductive
  • how to identify assertion risks or opportunities for your patents in a matter of minutes
  • how to find patents missed by other techniques, even by examiners

We encourage you to bring your own laptops to try AmberScope on your own search challenges under the direct guidance of our experienced users.

Doris Spielthenner and Ben Palmer, your facilitators, are looking forward to meeting you!



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14.00 - 15.00 hrs
Room: Saski     

Novel intelligent workflow support based on patent status
Sascha Kamhuber / Raphael Marché, Infoapps GmbH

In this seminar we present a novel feature set extending the capabilities of our well known and introduced in-house patent information system infoPatent.

infoPatent has been designed to support enterprises in their awareness of intellectual property rights, both of their competitors and their own.

This knowledge has to be monitored intelligently, made available to all parties involved, and experts have to comment on, and evaluate it, those responsible for patents have to introduce appropriate measures, e.g. oppositions. Tasks like:

  • infringement prevention,
  • competitor intelligence,
  • minimising IP risk,
  • avoiding duplicate development

are supported and automated by infoPatent in an unprecedented manner.

With our novel development, these features are expanded and stream-lined to map the patent activities of every person involved (developer, manager, or patent lawyer) against the patent workflow defined inside your company or enterprise.

Thus patent information flow from the incoming raw data, via quality control, possible pre-screening, initial expert assessment, to the final processing on a coordination level is introduced and enabled.

14.00 - 15.00 hrs
Room: Królewski     

How to use patent analytics to achieve business goals
Roland Gissler, Senior account manager, Questel

Innovation in the marketplace is a primary driver of economic growth and competitiveness.

Understanding a company’s business and intellectual property needs is paramount for this success.

Intelligent patent analytical tools link a company’s business needs to its intellectual property development.

Case studies will provide insight how successful exploitation can contribute to this development.

16.00 - 17.00 hrs
Room: Saski     

Machine translation and the challenge of patents
Dr John Tinsley, Iconic Translation Machines

The need for patent machine translation (MT) is ever increasing yet many end-users feel that the existing technology does not meet their requirements. While MT is not perfect, it is a maturing technology that has some very real practical applications within the patent community. To better understand the capabilities (and limitations) of MT, it would be useful to know exactly how this technology works. In this seminar, we will provide such an insight into the technology behind MT.

We will introduce some of the basic concepts of MT and describe how it has evolved over time. Following this overview, we will discuss the unique challenge of patent translation and the difficulties it presents to MT system developers. Importantly, we will then describe how we can adequately evaluate whether MT is fit for purpose or not.

It is intended that this talk will provide patent information specialists with a better understanding of how the technology works and provide some explanation of the results they see. This will help to explain phenomena such as why translation quality varies between languages and technical areas, as well as how they can make the most of the MT as it exists for their particular needs.

16.00 - 17.00 hrs
Room: Królewski     

Discover the ProQuest Dialog difference
Stuart Doig – Senior Director Corporate Sales, International, ProQuest Dialog
Gabrielle Derriks – Training and Consulting Partner, EMEA, ProQuest DialogRoom

ProQuest Dialog is a market-leading provider of premium content for pharmaceutical, engineering, and patents research. ProQuest Dialog’s comprehensive collection of patent and non-patent literature, including the world’s largest collection of prior art, supports the spectrum of patent searching - from due diligence and freedom-to-operate to validity and infringement - and offers a distinct competitive advantage with:

  • 33 full-text patent authorities including PDFs, claims, specifications, forward and backward citations, families, and legal status tables
  • An additional 69 bibliographic patent authorities
  • Access to three patent families—Derwent, ProQuest Dialog INPADOC, and LexisNexis Univentio
  • The largest multidisciplinary collection of engineering and scitech databases in a single source
  • Authoritative pharmaceutical and biomedical databases from the world’s leading publishers
  • The most complete collection for monitoring global news, trade press and market research across all key industries
  • Subscription and transactional (pay-as-you-go) pricing plans, plus project tracking options

This workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the ProQuest Dialog product. You’ll learn how novice and professional researchers alike can easily search ProQuest Dialog to uncover critical patent records and relevant content via multiple entry points, including industry-leading sources, news and trade publications, dissertations, theses, conference proceedings, and more.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

09.00-10.00 hrs
Room: Saski

Patent text mining and landscaping using Patent iNSIGHT Pro
Manish Sinha, Chief technology officer, Gridlogics

This interactive workshop will help you understand how text mining technology within Patent iNSIGHT Pro can be used for efficient portfolio mining and mapping. The workshop will cover the following aspects of patent analysis:

  • Using text mining to uncover hidden insights and reveal possible gaps and opportunities
  • Leveraging identified topics and sub-topics to quickly categorise patents according to your internal categories to gain a clear perspective
  • Enhancing your scanning efficiency when evaluating portfolios and narrowing down on your topics of interest
  • Conducting powerful analysis such as product-technology mapping and white space analysis
  • How to quickly convert your results into informative charts such as heat maps, bubble matrix charts, contour maps and correlation maps to convey insights that demand action

10.00-11.00 hrs
Room: Saski

Patent searching, analysis and collaboration using PatSeer
Manish Sinha, Chief technology officer, Gridlogics

The interactive workshop will introduce PatSeer and how its unique “hybrid” search engine can help give you flexibility in finding answers needed by technologists and management alike. The one hour seminar will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to PatSeer, its coverage and unique search and “hybrid” engine capabilities
  • Advanced analytic tools and techniques in PatSeer and how you leverage your custom data points for more relevant insights
  • Collaboration capabilities and how you can use the platform for cross-functional collaboration, sourcing research and delivering patent insights and results via dashboards across departments and with external service providers.

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