Search Matters 2014

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Conference for patent search professionals

3-4 April 2014
The Hague, the Netherlands

"A penny for their thoughts!" Maybe that's crossed your own mind once or twice when dealing with examiners and their search reports and communications?

How EPO examiners go about their searches – on functional features, for example – how they handle Asian patent documents, use the internet, or decide when to stop searching – find out all that and more at the EPO's traditional annual Search Matters event.

The 2014 conference will be held in April, when about 40 EPO examiners from a wide range of technical fields will be describing their search strategies and techniques at 26 workshops held over two days. One half-day is available for participants to put questions – including queries about searches in specific technical areas – directly to individual examiners, one on one.

Plenary presentations on searching, classification and documentation issues will round off the workshops.

All lectures and larger workshops are now available as e-learning modules:

Search matters 2014


Target groups

Patent search professionals from business, academia and IP firms.
For staff from national patent offices, alternative advanced and customised EPO training programmes on patent information are available.

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