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Come to visit us on the EPO's stand!

Providing a patent system for an evolving Biotech industry 

Gene patents - patents on isolated genes with function are allowed in Europe (in the US the Myriad supreme court decision restricts this to cDNA) More

Diagnostics - patents on diagnostics relating to measurements of natural phenomena are allowed in Europe (in the US, they are restricted in the light of the Prometheus decision)

Personalised medicine - personalised medicine is patentable in Europe - come to our stand and find out how

Secondary medical uses - a feature of the European patent system that has no equivalent in the US.

"Chairman, that patent should be revoked!" - join the EPO opposition workshop at BIO in San Diego and argue the case

This session will offer a special insight into the EPO's opposition proceedings and a comparison with the recently introduced USPTO inter partes and post grant reviews. Three examiners from the EPO will conduct realistic proceedings and decide on the fate of a contested illustrative patent. European attorneys will represent the proprietor and defendant and put their positions. The audience can join any of the parties and help in finding arguments and debating the case.

Session ID: 2442 (time and room to be confirmed)

Your reliable partner for PCT search and examination work

For PCT international patent applicants, an EPO search is one of the most reliable and trustworthy assessments anywhere in the world*. Moreover, you can save on further search fees when your application later enters the European phase.

Over 130 countries acting as PCT receiving Offices allow applicants to choose the EPO as their search authority. They include the EPO's 38 member states, the USA, Japan, Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa. More  

Rules changes that provide more flexibility and lower costs for applicants

Responding to a clear request from its applicants, the EPO has just changed the rules relating to further searches of non-unitary inventions. The new rules enter into force this November and will ensure that all applicants benefit from equal treatment regarding the further prosecution of their application, especially in cases of non-unity. 

This will give users more flexibility, allow them to save costs, and help the Office to offer equal service levels between the EP and PCT procedures. The changes are a demonstration of the EPO's on-going efforts to act dynamically and to respond to its applicants' needs. More


The EPO at BIO Japan in Tokyo
14 - 16 May 2014
Stand number: 3-36

The EPO at BIO in San Diego
23 - 26 June 2014
Stand number: 2321

* In 2011, the EPO once more came top in a survey of patent authorities commissioned by Thomson Reuters and Intellectual Assets Magazine.

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