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PI07-2013 - Get started with PATSTAT; the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database

27 - 28 February 2013, Vienna, Austria 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

9.00 hrs
9.15 hrs
Presentation of the 2 day agenda 
9.30 hrs
Introduction on PATSTAT: the beginning, What is it ? What can you do with it ? Logical model, physical files, overview (bibliographical) elements -link with a patent publication-, records, installing, size, data catalogue. PATSTAT on-line via the Patent information services for experts. 
10.30 hrs
Coffee break
10.45 hrs
DocDB: the source for PATSTAT (data coverage and data acquisition procedure, application & publication, appln_auth, publn_auth, kind code W, PCT) 
11.30 hrs
Introduction on SQL with MS ACCESS : a data base extraction from the main PATSTAT data base (wind energy), introduction on SQL syntax: select-from-where command, your first table, your first graph based on the tls201_appln table.
12.45 hrs
Lunch break 
13.45 hrs
Recapitulation of the morning session. 
14.00 hrs
Boolean conditions in SQL (syntax where-having) exercises ("easy" pre-calculated patent indicators via PATSTAT on-line)
15.30 hrs
Coffee break 
15.45 hrs
Continuation on SQL: joining tables: left, right, wildcards, titles and abstracts, tls207_pers_appln, (tls206_person, titles and abstracts)
17.00 hrs
End of the seminar day 

Thursday, 28 February 2013 

09.00 hrs   Recapitulation of the previous day 
09.15 hrs  Patent indicators for business use and pitfalls when working with patent data 
10.15 hrs  Joining more tables: publications, classifications, priorities and families; exercises. 
11.00 hrs  Coffee breaks 
11.15 hrs   Patent citations & NPL: exercise on forward and backward citations 
12.15 hrs  Lunch break 
13.15 hrs   Recapitulation of the morning session. 
13.30 hrs   PATSTAT satellite databases: INPADOC (tls221) and register 
14.30 hrs   PATSTAT on-line
15.00 hrs   Coffee break 
15.15 hrs   Other tools and data sets: Tableau software, eee-ppat, HAN, REGPAT. 
16.15 hrs  Wrap-up, feedback session 
17.00 hrs   End of the seminar 

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