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Upcoming patent information events

3.10.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Legal status
4.10.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Introduction to Global Patent Index (GPI)
10.10.2016 | Vienna, Austria
Train the trainer (Espacenet)
11.10.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Global Patent Index (GPI) Advanced
18.10.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Patent information essentials
7.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T1): The European Patent Register and its services as source of legal status information
7.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T2): Understanding patent families at the EPO
7.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T4): Patent searching in Espacenet – tips and tricks for becoming an expert user
7.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T3): Patent information from BRIC countries
7.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T5): Patent analytics
10.11.2016 | Madrid, Spain
(T6): PATSTAT online
14.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Patent information user support bi-monthly webinars
14.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Introduction to Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC)
21.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Advanced
22.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
The European Publication Server
23.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Searching legal status - case studies: China
30.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Patent Information Newsflash November
30.11.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Searching legal status - case studies: Korea
7.12.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Searching legal status - case studies: Japan
13.12.2016 | Virtual classroom, online
Searching bibliographical EP data with Bulletin

Details of the above and further training offers with registration information can be found in the searchable IP calendar of events.

To filter out the patent information classroom seminars starting with the reference “PI”, choose Austria as Location. Please take note of the general conditions for these seminars.

To register for a webinar go directly to www.epo.org/vc. All webinars and newsflashes are free-of-charge.

A variety of patent information related e-learning content such as Patent information tour or Espacenet assistant can be found in Online training.

Patent information training seminars 2016 open for registration

An exciting programme of patent information events has been added to our calendar of events. It includes specialist topics like patent statistics, the Global Patent Index (GPI) and business use of patent information as well as our new signature "Seminar on patent searching" which provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of patent information. Details and registration via the searchable IP calendar of events.

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Announcements, Information and exchange on the EPO's patent information related seminars, webinars and e-learning activities.

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