Das EPA bietet das ganze Jahr über ein vielfältiges Schulungsprogramm.

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Training for all needs

The EPO organises training on the following topics and for the following target groups:

institutions - staff of IP offices and other public bodies, patent libraries (Patlib centres)
professional representatives, their assistants and EQE candidates
business consultants, industry and SMEs
judges and litigators
universities, research centres and technology transfer officers
patent information users
users of online services

The EPO offers both classic seminars or workshops and online training: scheduled virtual classrooms and e-learning accessible at any time.

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Upcoming training by the EPO

Events are shown by approaching registration date.

30.10.2014 | Virtual classroom, online
Monthly Newsflash October
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T7): Introduction to the PATSTAT product family and PATSTAT Online
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T1): The Common Citation Document and Beyond; Families, Search Reports and Citations
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T2): Asian legal status in depth: Obtaining trial information from China, Japan and Korea
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T3): Legal status products from the EPO
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T4): Understanding patent families at the EPO
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T5): Searching for information in ASEAN countries & India
3.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T6): Making sense of the EPO’s alphabet soup
6.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T8): Combine the power of GPI and EPAB
6.11.2014 | Warsaw, Poland
(T9):Patent analytics/intelligence

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