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About the teaching kits

What is IP Basics?

IP Basics is the first part of the Intellectual Property Teaching Kit that is currently being produced by the EPO in association with the EU's Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. Designed for use by teachers of students with little or no prior knowledge of intellectual property, it provides a basic introduction to a range of different IP rights.

IP Basics contains modules on patents, databases, trade marks, designs, geographical indications, utility models, plant variety rights, semiconductor topography rights, copyright and trade secrets, as well as a classroom exercise that demonstrates the use of IP in the real world.

The materials take the form of ready-made PowerPoint slides with speaking notes and additional background information. The speaking notes can be read out as they stand.

What is the patent teaching kit?

Designed for use by university lecturers, the kit contains everything you need to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the patent system, including PowerPoint presentations, teachers' notes, background information and real-world examples and case studies.

The kit includes information on intellectual property rights, basic facts about patents, the essentials of filing for a patent, help on deciding whether or not to patent, and a guide to using patents as a source of information. For law students, there is additional information on intellectual property rights, patentability requirements, ownership issues, disclosure requirements, infringement and litigation, and commercialising patents.

The material assumes no prior knowledge of the subject on the part of either students or teachers.

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