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The IP Teaching Kit has been produced by the European Patent Office (EPO).

The sections on databases, trade marks, designs, geographical indications, semiconductor topography rights and copyright were provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The section on plant variety rights was provided by the Community Plant Variety Office. The section on IP in the real world (practical exercise) was produced as part of the ip4inno project by a consortium established for this purpose and funded by the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme.

Users may modify or translate the IP Teaching Kit and any of its parts on condition that the EPO is credited as the provider of the original and that it is clearly stated that changes have been made to the original material, that the modified or translated version has not been authorised by the EPO, and that the EPO shall not be responsible for the correctness of any such modified or translated version. Any other reference to the EPO, and in particular its official logo, shall be removed from any such version.

Users shall give the EPO free of charge an electronic copy of the modifications or translations together with the right to further distribute them, if it so wishes, as part of the IP Teaching Kit, as an additional version or an alternative language version. In such cases, the EPO shall mention the author of the modifications or translations if requested to do so.

The IP Teaching Kit and any of its parts, as well as any modification or translation thereof, may be used for non-commercial teaching and training purposes only.

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