Detailed interviews

This collection of interviews is available on CD-ROM with the "Scenarios for the future" book. You can download them here as PDF files.

Professor John Barton
George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Emeritus, Stanford University

Justin Basara
Director of European Operations, Ocean Tomo, LLC

Edson Beas Rodrigues Jr
Member and sub-co-ordinator of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Policy of the International Trade Law and Development Institute (IDCID), São Paulo, Brazil

Roger Burt
Intellectual Property Law Counsel, IBM Europe

Kenneth Neil Cukier
Technology Correspondent, The Economist

Professor Peter Drahos
Director of the Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development and Head of Program of the Regulatory Institutions Network at the Australian National University

Vera Franz
Program Manager, Information Program, Open Society Foundation

Dr Johanna Gibson
Reader in Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary College, University of London

Dr Thora A. Glencorse
Vice President, Senior Investment Analyst, ABN AMRO Asset Management and

Gerco J. Goote
Head of Equity Management Netherlands, ABN AMRO Asset Management

Professor Edgar Grande
Chair in Comparative Politics at Munich University‘s Geschwister Scholl Institute for Political Science

Professor Joachim Henkel
Schöller Chair in Technology and Innovation Management, Technische Universität München

David Kappos
Vice President, IBM and Assistant General Council of Intellectual Property

Alastair Kent
Director, Genetic Interest Group

Martin Khor
Director, Third World Network

Gabriele Mohsler
Director IPR, Ericsson Deutschland GmbH

Oliver Moldenhauer
Co-founder of Attac Germany

Dr Eric Noehrenberg
Director International Trade and Market Policy, Public Health Advocacy, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)

Professor Ruth Okediji
William L. Prosser Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School
Professor Jacques Pelkmans
Member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), Netherlands; College of Europe, Bruges

Dr Meir Perez Pugatch
Senior Lecturer on IP Policy & Commercialisation of Knowledge Assets, University of Haifa and Director of Research the Stockholm Network

Dr Marshall C. Phelps
Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Microsoft Corporation

Daniel B. Ravicher
Executive Director, Public Patent Foundation

Professor Ortwin Renn
Head of Technological and Environmental Sociology at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

Pedro Roffe
ICTSD Senior Fellow, Intellectual Property Rights

Dr Ingrid Schneider
Senior researcher and lecturer at the Research Centre on Biotechnology, Society and Environment at the University of Hamburg

Désirée van Gorp
Director of Nyenrode Institute for Competition, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

David Vivas Eugui
Program Manager, Intellectual Property, ICTSD

Ben Wallis
TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue Coordinator, Consumers International

Jeremy Webb
Editor, New Scientist

Richard Yung
Senator of the French Senate

Dr Axel Zweck
Future Technologies Division, VDI TZ GmbH.

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