Trees of Knowledge

A world where society is the dominant driver

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In the story told in this scenario, diminishing societal trust and growing criticism of the IP system result in its gradual erosion. The key players are popular movements - often coalitions of civil society, businesses, concerned governments and individuals - seeking to challenge existing norms.

This kaleidoscope Society is fragmented yet united - issue by issue, crisis by crisis - against real and perceived threats to human needs: access to health, knowledge, food and entertainment. Multiple voices and multiple world views feed popular attention and interest, with the media playing an active role in encouraging debate.

This loose 'knowledge movement' echoes the environmental movement of the 1980s, initially sparked by small, established special interest groups but slowly gaining momentum and raising wider awareness through alliances such as the A2K (Access to Knowledge) movement. 

The main issue is how to ensure that knowledge remains a common good, while acknowledging the legitimacy of reward for innovation.

Key questions:

  • How can public and private interest in IP by reconciled for the benefit of society?
  • How are the ethical and moral dilemmas raised by technology reflected by the patent system?
  • Where should the limits to patentability be drawn? By whom?
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