Die Szenarien

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Market rules

A world where business is the dominant driver

This scenario is the story of the consolidation of a system so successful that it is collapsing under its own weight. New forms of subject matter - inevitably including further types of services - become patentable and more players enter the system.  

Whose game?

A world where geopolitics is the dominant driver

This scenario is the story of a boomerang effect which strikes today's dominant players in the patent world as a result of changing geopolitical balances and competing ambitions.  

Trees of knowledge

A world where society is the dominant driver

In the story told in this scenario, diminishing societal trust and growing criticism of the IP system result in its gradual erosion. The key players are popular movements - often coalitions of civil society, businesses, concerned governments and individuals - seeking to challenge existing norms.  

Blue skies

A world where technology is the dominant driver

The final scenario is the story of a split in the patent system. Societal reliance on technology and growing systemic risks force this change; the key players are technocrats and politicians responding to global crises.  


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