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Joint interview of the EPO President and Council Chair

In a joint interview with Managing IP, the President of the EPO, Benoît Battistelli, and the Chairman of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation, Jesper Kongstadt, are taking position on some questions related to the EPO that were recently debated in the media.

Normal functioning of the EPO - Update

A current industrial dispute involving strike action at the European Patent Office (EPO) has been the subject of some recent public comment

142e session du Conseil d'administration de l'Organisation européenne des brevets (Munich, les 10 et 11 décembre 2014)

Après le compte-rendu du Président du Conseil concernant les dernières réunions du Bureau du Conseil d'administration, le Président de l'Office, Benoît Battistelli, a présenté son rapport d'activités. Le Conseil a exprimé son entière satisfaction.

Communiqué relatif aux décisions prises par le Conseil d'administration lors de sa 142e session concernant le personnel supérieur ainsi que les nominations et reconductions dans leurs fonctions de membres des chambres de recours

Le Conseil a traité un certain nombre de questions concernant le personnel supérieur et les chambres de recours. En particulier, le Conseil s'est penché sur les dispositions en matière disciplinaire qui sont applicables au personnel supérieur nommé par le Conseil au titre de l'article 11(1), (2) et (3) CBE et, compte tenu de ses obligations découlant de l'article 11(4) CBE, est convenu d'établir une Commission de discipline du Conseil.

La qualité avant tout : l'OEB obtient la certification ISO 9001 pour sa procédure de délivrance des brevets

L'OEB a obtenu la certification ISO 9001 pour son système de gestion de la qualité, qui porte sur les étapes de recherche, d'examen, d'opposition, de limitation et de révocation de sa procédure de délivrance des brevets.

Normal functioning of the EPO - Update

A current industrial dispute involving strike action at the European Patent Office (EPO) has been the subject of some recent public comment

EPO President meets with two new EU Commissioners

Since the appointment of the new European Commission, EPO President Benoît Battistelli recently had the opportunity to meet with two Commissioners whose responsibilities include matters related to the patent system.

EPO to launch fast-track patent examination with Israel

The EPO has signed a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot programme with the Israel Patent Office to enable accelerated treatment of patent applications starting in January.

2.1 million patent applications filed at IP5 offices in 2013, up 11%

More than 2 million patent applications were filed at the world's five largest IP offices in 2013, an increase of 11% over 2012, according to the 2013 edition of the IP5 Statistics Report just published.

Normal functioning of the EPO

A current industrial dispute involving strike action at the European Patent Office (EPO) has been the subject of some recent public comment.

Advocate General rejects Spanish challenge to unitary patent package

Today the long-awaited Opinions of the Advocate General on the legal challenges by Spain against the unitary patent package have been issued by the Court of the Justice for the European Union (CJEU).

Europe and China step up co-operation on patents as EPO-SIPO anniversary approaches

The heads of the EPO and SIPO met in Brussels this week to discuss how to further improve and align their patent systems in order to better support innovation.

The EPO and India enhance co-operation on patents

The EPO and India signed a Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral co-operation establishing a framework for structured work relations between the EPO and the Intellectual Property Office of India (IPO India)

Conference highlights growing role of patent data for business and policy-makers

Some 400 IP professionals from across the globe are gathering in Warsaw this week for the EPO's annual Patent Information Conference.

Les finalistes du Prix de l'inventeur européen Stefan Hell et Shuji Nakamura lauréats du Prix Nobel

Deux ex-finalistes du Prix de l'inventeur européen viennent de se voir décerner le Prix Nobel 2014 par l'Académie royale des sciences de Suède. Le finaliste du Prix de l'inventeur européen 2007, Shuji Nakamura (États-Unis), a reçu le Prix Nobel de physique, et le finaliste du Prix de l'inventeur européen 2008, Stefan Hell (Allemagne), a reçu le Prix Nobel de Chimie.

EPO continues IT modernisation with launch of new online filing tool

In order to continue to improve the quality of services to its users by establishing a one-stop shop for applicants, the European Patent Office (EPO) today launched a new system for the online filing of patent applications.

EPO to launch PPH pilot programmes with Canada, Mexico and Singapore

In an effort to boost innovation and trade, the EPO has signed Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot programmes with the patent offices of Canada, Mexico and Singapore to launch accelerated treatment of patent applications, starting in January 2015.

Czech Industrial Property Office celebrates 95th anniversary

EPO President Benoît Battistelli met Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek and other representatives of government, industry and academia in Prague this week to discuss how to further strengthen the patent system to support innovation and economic growth.

Coup d'envoi de la Fête de la bière 2014 à Munich : frissons d'adrénaline grâce aux technologies brevetées

Plus de 6 millions de visiteurs en seulement 16 jours, plus de 6,7 millions de litres de bière, la tour de chute libre la plus haute du monde : la Fête de la bière à Munich, qui commence cette année le 20 septembre, est l'attraction de tous les superlatifs.

EPO and Spain continue co-operation on Latin America

Meeting in Santander, Spain, EPO President Benoît Battistelli and the Director General of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, Patricia García-Escudero Márquez, signed an agreement to promote the quality and efficiency of the Latin American patent system to the benefit of its users and of European industry in particular.


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