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Berlin has reinvented itself on the innovation front as well. Since reunification, the city has become a growing centre of service providers. But also traditional industry based here continues to evolve and develop in new directions. One example is electromobility, where Berlin companies and research institutions are leading the way in developing new technologies. The city has long been one of Europe’s leading research hubs. Berlin has four universities and 39 institutions of higher education. Berlin is also Germany’s start-up capital. Thousands of new businesses are registered here every year. Berlin’s creativity and openness to new ideas make it the ideal spot to honour outstanding inventors. innovation made in berlin 1 1 3 famous berlin inventions Electric streetcar The first streetcar took a test run in 1881 in Berlin’s Lichterfelde district. Werner von Siemens’s invention reached a maximum speed of 20 km/hr. Computer Konrad Zuse developed the Z3, the world’s first fully functional computer, in Berlin in 1941. It was based on floating-point calcu- lation, with memory storage and a central computing unit using telephone relays. Television Manfred von Ardenne developed the first fully electronic television in his Laboratory for Electron Physics in Berlin-Lichterfelde. He presented it to the public at an interna- tional trade fair in Berlin in 1931. Hairdryer In 1900 Berlin-based company AEG pre- sented the first hairdryer known as the “Fön”. The device blew out 90ºC air and weighed 2 kg. Flashlight Paul Schmidt invented the dry-cell battery and filed for a patent for his 4.5 Volt flash- light in 1906. 1 european inventor award 2014

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